Dear Good People of St. Paul's,

This is the fourth of our monthly updates about important transitions at St. Paul’s in worship, the Search Committee work, and progress on the reconstruction. We hope you will find them encouraging and that they will prompt many questions.

Susan N. Eaves , Interim Rector
Jane Nelson , Senior Warden
Lee Switz , Junior Warden

Worship News

Many of the good people of St. Paul’s have commented that they love the worship in Scott Hall (some have even asked to be allowed to stay after the renovation is complete!) It is worth asking ourselves why it is that so many of us are making these comments. These observations have included remarking on the energy and joyful spirit inherent in the service; the more relaxed atmosphere; an increased sense of intimacy and relationship as a result of being able to see each other more easily; the brightness of the light; the easy, kindly laughter , and the heartfelt participation. Notably, newcomers report being touched by the friendliness of the gathered community and feeling welcome.

As we continue to make fresh discoveries about our common life of worship, we can give thanks for the blessings we receive and begin to consider how we might take this same spirit into our renewed sacred space when that time comes.

Renovation News
The pulpit has been moved to the side ready to be reinstalled once the new chancel has been created.

Shoring has been installed to support the columns, marble altar rail and marble altar. Removal of joists that supported the marble floor is underway. The wood joists are being salvaged for reuse. Modifications to the plans are being made as we go along to account for unforeseen details but so far this has not significantly delayed the project.

Removal of the flooring in the nave required for installation of the new chancel has been completed.

The progress of the project is being recorded on a photo blog at . You can sign up on that site to receive a notice when new information is posted and you can post comments, too!

Search Committee News

On Sunday, August 5 th during our worship service, we as a congregation took stock of what we value most about St. Paul’s and wrote down our ideas. It was important for the search committee to incorporate this "Word Cloud" exercise during worship because we value how the Holy Spirit is speaking to and moving among us as a Body during this time of transition. By presenting the collected words with tithes and gifts, we intentionally offered the fruits of this exercise to God.

It was both humbling and fascinating to prayerfully collate the words and discover St. Paul’s many attributes we value most, particularly a loving, accepting community who is passionate about outreach and justice. We will continue to pray that the subsequent Word Cloud will be a visual representation that edifies all of us, as well as those who may join us in the future. The committee expects to present the Word Cloud on homecoming Sunday, September 9 th .

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