19 May 2020
Celebrating Student Success

Greetings from Mr. Gault

Last week we spoke of the "new normal" sharing what a day in the life of a De La Salle student now looks like.  Waking early to prepare for a new school day, getting dressed - some in their uniform - having breakfast and rather than heading out the door to catch their school bus, moving to a quiet spot in their apartment with their Chromebook to begin another day of remote learning with their fellow students.  For many of our students finding that quiet place has been difficult, and in some cases just not possible.  They are greeted each day by the familiar faces of their teachers and fellow classmates all eager to get the school day going.  All have been diligently working whether it is our teachers preparing lessons and grading assignments or students completing their homework and assignments.  As challenging as this experience has been, there is much to celebrate.  Mrs. Becker, our school Principal, recently released the Honor Roll results for the Third Quarter of the school year.  Amazing results in spite of the obstacles that these young men have had to overcome adjusting to an online education program.  Please join me as we congratulate all who achieved Honor Roll Status!

Yours in Saint La Salle,

William L. Gault
Executive Director

  50% of our students made the Third Quarter Honor Roll

Principals List-Minimum 95% Average, no grade lower than 90%

 10 students

High Honors-Minimum 90% Average, no grade lower than 85%

 12 students

Honors-Minimum 85% Average, no grade lower than 80%

10 students

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Third Quarter Honor Roll
95% average or higher, no grade lower than 90%
  Joel Bonilla '20
Zacarias Guevera '20
Jeffrey Lemus '20
  Brian Hernandez '21
Frank Hernandez '21
Kelvin Lopez '21
Steven Zavala '21
Jayden Gutierrez '23
Jameer Nathan '23
Giancarlos Ramirez '23

 90% average or higher, no grade lower than 85%
Brayan Espinal '20
Joshua Perez '20
Eric Rodriguez '20 
Keneth Mejia '20
Jordan Casas '21
Christian Portillo '21
Jayden Garcia '22
Cobby Vasquez '22
Helmer Ventura '22
Gary Nunez '23
Noah Wilkerson '23
Brian Zavala '23

 85% average or higher, no grade lower than 80%
  Danny Bonilla '21
Anthony Ulloa '21
Jason Calderone '22
Victor Cantor '22
Stanley Pena '22
Steven Ruiz '22
Quran Blount '23
Axel Castro '23
Dylan Juarez-Rivas '23
Julian Ramirez '23
Student Announcements
The Gentleman of The Week
The Gentleman of The Week is Nicholas, Grade 7

The Writer of The Week
The Writer of The Week is Eric, Grade 8

The Artist of The Week
The Artist of The Week is Noah, Grade 5

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