NW Ductless Market Delivers High Customer Satisfaction 

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance has recently completed its fourth Market Progress Evaluation Report on the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project (Project), with positive findings. Consumer awareness and satisfaction are both strong, priming the ductless market for continued growth. Read the full report here. Key takeaways are:

  • Customer satisfaction with their ductless heat pump is at nearly 95 percent
  • Over half of installers (52 percent) perceive increased consumer interest in ductless systems (up from 43 percent in 2013)
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents have recommended a ductless system to others
  • Recommendations from friends and family, utility endorsements and contractors are the strongest influencers of sales
  • General consumer awareness of ductless heat pumps remains steady since 2013 
Ductless Sales Continue to Rise, Thanks to You! 
The year 2015 remains a strong year for ductless system installations. Overall sales in Q2 were around 35% greater than in Q2 2014, and the highest they've been since the launch of the Project in 2007. The continued growth of ductless heating and cooling system adoption would not be possible without your support and help promoting the benefits of ductless systems throughout the region. See our summary of sales and installations below: 

Use Our New and Improved Tools to Promote Your Business 

Have you seen the refreshed Project website and marketing materials? Head over to the Partner Marketing Resources section on GoingDuctless.com to make the most of enhanced marketing templates, messaging and tools to educate consumers and boost your ductless system sales.

In addition to featuring enhanced marketing tools for partners, which were developed based on recent consumer research , the upgraded website provides consumers with links to local ductless promotions and allows for better integration with utility websites and incentive information.

Add value to your marketing efforts with homeowner testimonials. Satisfied homeowners endorsing your services and products are a strong influencer of additional sales. Be sure to get the testimonial in writing and have signed approval from the homeowner before using it.     
Successful Installation Tip
Don't forget to securely elevate outdoor units to promote proper drainage. Use risers, blocks or, in areas of heavy snowfall, wall brackets with vibration mounts, and securely anchor the mounts to the ground or the wall. Always follow manufacturer's instructions and local code requirements. For additional installation tips, check out the best practices installation guide available  here
Updated BPA Utility Incentive Participation Forms 
Each October, Bonneville Power Administration, or BPA, releases updated utility incentive requirements, which may influence updates to participating utility contractor/homeowner incentive participation forms. Starting October 1, be sure to use the most up-to-date forms which are available via the Partner Participation Forms section on the website  or from your utility. 

Please reach out with any questions or feedback: info@goingductless.com or 503.467.2159.
The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project team

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA).  NEEA is an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working to accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices in the Northwest.