APRIL 2023


They're great gardeners and problem-solvers and they get kids excited about the outdoors.

We are extremely proud to sponsor our friends at Barrio Botany, a program that brings thriving vegetable gardens to inner-city schools in San Diego. We also salute landscape architect Brigitta Rhen, who has donated her talents to design new gardens at the Baker and Porter elementary school campuses.

Barrio Botany is producing bumper crops and big smiles. Great job, everybody!


A sobering forecast of nuclear winter

University of Colorado Boulder Professor Brian Toon and Dr. Paul Dorfman of the University of Sussex provided a sobering forecast of nuclear winter during our First Friday webinar April 7.

Toon warned that nuclear explosions could fill the stratosphere with soot, causing temperatures to plummet, agriculture to fail and, as a result, billions of people to die from starvation. That's on top of millions of deaths from the explosions themselves.

While the possibility of nuclear war can't be known, Toon provided data on the global arsenal: 4,000 weapons could be deployed instantaneously and, with only 500 major cities to attack, thousands of bombs would have nothing but rubble left to destroy.

On the topic of nuclear energy, Toon pointed to the vulnerability of nuclear reactors and the very large amounts of radiation they contain.

"If you start blowing up a bunch of nuclear reactors," Toon said, "it's going to release much more radiation than what's in the bombs themselves."

The safety of nuclear power plants cannot be guaranteed, he said. Nor, for that matter, can the security of nuclear waste. In San Onofre, Southern California Edison is storing 3.6 million pounds of waste right on the shoreline and within 50 miles of 9 million people.

Terrorists can get ahold of stored nuclear waste.

"This is a widespread and unsolved problem in nuclear power," Toon said. "It can't just keep going this way. Society must solve the problem of getting rid of this waste."

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We oppose Assembly Bill 65, legislation that would open the door for small modular reactors to operate in California. The bill failed before the Natural Resources Committee this month but was granted reconsideration. Our hope is for committee members to kill the legislation once and for all.

Touted as a source of carbon-free energy, small modular reactors are anything but small and far from carbon free, especially when compared with zero-emission sources such as wind and solar, which is where the attention of lawmakers belongs.

In a letter to committee Chair Luz Rivas, 10 environmental and health advocacy groups opposed AB 65. We join them in opposition and agree with every point in their letter.

Open Letter of Opposition
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An important heads up from our partners at Mothers for Peace: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is scheduled to meet in San Luis Obispo May 3 to consider the performance and licensure of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant. Don't miss this important opportunity to tell commissioners, in person or online, that the aging plant must be shuttered for good. Open the NRC's meeting notice for details on how to join the meeting and enter your comments.

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Germany this month showed leadership that every nation should follow by switching off the last of its nuclear power plants. The country is launching a massive ramp-up of renewable electricity production as it aims to be carbon-neutral by 2045.

In a TRT World Now video, our collaborator Dr. Paul Dorfman reacts to the news from Germany and notes that renewables are the "cheapest, fastest, quickest way of reaching net-zero" greenhouse gas omissions.

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What a pleasure to work with the Voices of Our City Choir so their clients could experience a performance by celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma April 6 at La Jolla Music Society. The group serves people experiencing homelessness. Organizers welcome any member of the public to participate in open rehearsals 11 a.m. Mondays at St. Paul's Cathedral, 2728 Sixth Ave., San Diego.

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Starting today, please come listen to outstanding music for free as the San Diego Symphony begins holding open rehearsals at The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park, 222 Marina Park Way, San Diego. Open the rehearsal schedule for details.

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Let's hear it for the volunteers who answered questions, passed out bananas and flew our banner during the Carnival for Climate April 15 at Balboa Park. Organized by, the carnival kicked off Earth Week. At our table, we collected signatures of people opposed to the nuclear waste dump at San Onofre to send to Gov. Gavin Newsom.


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