November 16, 2023


No More Fossils

We like people from all generations. Young folks. Old folks. People in the middle are great, too! One thing that I think is quite clear is that we don't give enough of a voice to young people, particularly when it comes to the future that they — and not the older folks — will inherit. 


When it comes to major meetings as COP28, young people need more of a voice. Prominent participant Paul Polman agrees in his LinkedIn post: the number of youth represented at COP will be fewer than fossil-fuel industry representation.


"This picture is all wrong. Who should we trust more with our fate, the fossil fuel industry or the future citizens of the world? Who do we imagine is bringing more fresh-thinking and innovative ideas, a vested order that would keep digging us into this hole, or the young people whose lives and livelihoods literally depend on us getting out?"


Make sure to tune in to our next First Fridays webinar, "Live from Dubai" on December 1 to learn more. 

Bart Ziegler, PhD

President, Samuel Lawrence Foundation

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"First Fridays" Highlights

How Hawaii Is Going 100% Renewable

"For the first time, we're transcending political barriers, and this is becoming a universal movement driven by innovation and cost savings, rather than politics and rhetoric."

Senator Chris Lee, Senate District 25, Hawaii

In our latest “First Fridays” webinar, we covered how Hawaii State Senator Chris Lee worked together with key stakeholders to pass a mandate requiring Hawaii to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2045. Senator Lee was joined by Gwen Yamamoto Lau, Executive Director of the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority, Sierra Jackovics of Mana Pacific, Inc., and Professor Richard Wallsgrove from the University of Hawaii Law School. Together, they highlighted key strategies for a collaborative renewable movement and explored the application of Hawaii’s model toward future climate goals.

What can we take away from Hawaii's success? To go renewable around the world, we must:

  • Make costs matter: By outlining the financial benefits of switching to renewables for each party involved, there was incentive for Hawaii to move forward with the support of the legislature and governor. 
  • Increase access to renewable resources: Forming early partnerships within each community and providing equitable access to renewable technology is essential to a smooth transition to a renewable grid. 
  • Set a clear deadline: Instead of waiting for the technology needed to transition, target a date and invest in innovation now. 
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Mark your calendars! Join SLF for the next "First Fridays" in December for a special webinar live from COP28 in Dubai.

Dangers of San Onofre

Insider Revelations in a Must-Watch Interview

Whistleblower Rick Busnardo takes the spotlight in a gripping YouTube interview. Fired for speaking out, Busnardo shares a critical message about the dangers of San Onofre’s storage canisters. The interview sheds light on the impracticalities of detection and the DOE's questionable reassurances about the lifespan of the temporary canisters in place today. Don't miss this powerful exposé, which offers a new perspective on the dangers of nuclear storage.

Small Modular Reactor Deal Falls Apart

Rising Costs and Safety Concerns Rattle Investors

This week NuScale Power Corp and the Utah Associated Municipal Power System terminated a $37 billion contract for licensing, building, and operating six Small Modular Reactors (SMR) on federal land. Despite the fact that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission had not certified the safety and reliability of the SMR project, NuScale revealed a significant increase in construction and operational costs in Jan. 2023. Rapidly rising costs rattled the confidence of investors, leading to the project's termination.

This failed attempt at building SMRs cost taxpayers more than $930 million. When will we stop wasting money on nuclear plants that are clearly unsafe, uneconomical, and unsustainable?

SLF Supports Walter Munk Foundation

SLF was honored to present a donation to the Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans in honor of the late founder Walter Munk (pictured here holding SLF’s Songs for S.O.N.G.S. Poster in 2018). Walter's groundbreaking contributions to oceanography have left an indelible mark on the field. The Walter Munk Foundation carries on his legacy by supporting earth and environmental science research, providing aid for talented Ocean Science researchers and engaging in outreach and educational programs. SLF is proud to contribute to the continuation of Walter's spirit of exploration and discovery.

"Nuclear Energy's Hidden Cost"

SLF President and Co-Founder Bart Ziegler published in Masters of Health Magazine

Check out SLF President Bart Ziegler’s article about the nuclear waste crisis facing the United States on page 48 of Masters of Health Magazine’s November Issue. And look out for Part Two in the upcoming December Issue!

Comedy Comes to Climate Change

SLF Senior Fellow Steve Chapple highlights the success of Yellow Dot Studios' film Don’t Look Up in bringing mainstream comedy to the environmentalist movement. Read about their mission to increase climate literacy through comedic short form videos — saving the planet one laugh at a time.

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