As the world roils, boils, freezes, and floods, we face the realization that climate change is really, truly here.


Fossil fuels are an addiction, and we need to stop peppering our planet's air, water, and lands with plastics and harmful emissions.


But there are cleaner solutions than nuclear. Nuclear energy leaves the deadliest radioactive waste on the planet, in some cases for 100,000 years.


We must teach our children well, and support scientific discoveries for clean, new renewable energies for a brighter future. 


Together, great minds can solve these problems.

Nuclear power is often called a

"climate solution," despite the fact that:

It's uneconomical.

Nuclear makes no financial sense, costing taxpayers billions.

It's a security threat.

Radioactive waste can remain deadly for 100,000+ years.

It's a danger to human health.

Exposure to radioactivity is known to cause cancer.

Nuclear is not a solution.

The solutions to our climate and energy crises already exist.

The Washington Post Reports on Scientific Filing to Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Research from Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science Professor Digby Macdonald at UC Berkeley shows there is a credible risk of embrittlement and "nuclear meltdown" from delayed critical component tests at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. The Washington Post shared that Mothers for Peace and Friends of the Earth have urgently called for testing and the plant's shutdown as scheduled.

The facility was due to close by 2025, but the state is considering extending the plant's operation until the end of the decade—while simultaneously neglecting to carry out critical inspections and safety tests. SLF joins Mothers for Peace, Environmental Working Group, and Friends of the Earth in asking the NRC to decommission the aging plant and conduct comprehensive testing and inspections to ensure our communities' safety.

Sign the petition to demand that the NRC and Governor Newsom conduct safety inspections at Diablo Canyon.

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Scientists and Advocates Discuss Edison's Nuclear Waste at San Onofre

This past month SLF hosted a group of scientists and advocates to discuss the 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste abandoned at San Onofre.

Former KPBS reporter Alison St. John Inglis, who covered San Onofre for seven years, shares her impressions of the conversation and poses critical questions that continue to loom over the shuttered nuclear plant.

Inglis writes, "If we care about the future of Southern California, one thing is clear: we cannot forget about the radioactive spent fuel rods lying quietly buried 100 feet from the ocean, 50 miles north of San Diego at San Onofre."

  Alison's Impressions

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., and exposure to ionizing radiation is known to cause cancer. With more than 100 million Americans living near nuclear plants, how can HHS justify not conducting this study?

Congress has already funded the National Academy of Science (NAS) study into potential links between radiation from nuclear power plants and rising cancer rates, but HHS has not yet conducted the study.

Read HHS's meeting summary of this decision and an analysis by Professor Emeritus Roger Johnson.

Federal Roundtable on Potential Health Effects Among Individuals Residing Near Nuclear Power Plants

- Dept of Health and Human Services

"Do Emissions from Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer?"

- Roger Johnson, PhD

San Diego-Tijuana Designated the

World Design Capital for 2024

San Diego and Tijuana have been designated the World Design Capital for 2024. With international eyes on the region next year, SLF is inspired to renew our efforts to support arts and culture initiatives in our local community.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Annual Gala

SLF was proud to support MCASD's annual gala this month.

MCASD serves as a forum for powerful interaction, offering space to serve the community through world class exhibitions, innovative programs, and impactful education experiences. With continued support, the museum will inspire generations of art lovers and museum goers in San Diego and beyond.

Left to Right: SLF Senior Fellow Steve Chapple, Ines Chapple, SLF Senior Advisor Martha Martin, SLF Project Coordinator Grace Chalmers

Program Spotlight:


SLF partners annually with local presenting venues to provide those less served with access to the performing arts.

This opportunity for young people and their families to attend a symphony or ballet free of cost cultivates our collective community appreciation of the impact the arts have in society.

Local student attends production of Giselle with OPEN DOOR FOR ART.

  Our Programs  

Barrio Botany

"A Sun-Kissed Adventure"

Children Learn About Local Agriculture and Healthy Eating

Students from less-served schools in San Diego’s Promise Zone participated in a field trip coordinated by SLF fiscal sponsoree Barrio Botany this past summer. For years Barrio Botany has brought gardening and nutrition to 10 Title-1 schools.

The elementary school students spent five weeks making friends and learning about gardening and healthy eating. During their field trip, they tasted fresh produce, toured a farmer's market, and attended presentations from different vendors. 

“This is one of the best days of my life,” commented one student.

This week is Climate Week NYC

Listen to award-winning meteorologists Chris Gloninger, Lauren Casey, and John Morales discuss the media's role in driving climate literacy and civic action. This discussion is part of SLF's First Friday Webinar series. Moderated by Brooklyn Story Lab CEO Lance Gould.

Speaking on the generational impact of radioactivity from nuclear weapons testing, nuclear justice advocate Ariana Tibon-Kilma, Commissioner at the Republic of the Marshall Islands National Nuclear Commission, will present the Hanford Challenge's Nuclear Waste Scholar Series.

Our impactful programs are only made possible through your support.

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