June 2021

Third Wave
Thandy reports: "Most Africa countries are currently experiencing the third wave of COVID-19. In South Africa we now have the same variant as India. The number of infected people is rising. On Monday we recorded 15,000, which is high for a small country of 59 million. Hospitals are full and people are dying. That same day, one Peer Educator lost his mom and another lost his grandma to COVID-19. We are now in Level 4 lockdown with a curfew of 9pm to 4am as of last night. A lot of businesses are closed. Schools are closing on Wednesday (July 1) and churches aren't able to meet. All of this was announced Sunday night. The lockdown will be reviewed in 14 days. In the meantime, vaccines are no where to be seen. (Less than 2% of the population has been vaccinated.) Our trust is in the Lord and we have been going with the flow within each area; some areas are more challenged than others. But for the next two weeks we are putting all activities on hold till the next government announcement." Read more. (Photo credit: AFP)

Because of the uncertainly of the pandemic, while the doors were open the past few months, many trainings were done so that they would be in a better position for future lockdowns. There was a big push to train student leaders (Foxes) in many locations since they are in the schools even when others can't come in. Many Bibles have also been distributed during this time. In June, another 14,482 R4L Bibles were rolled out to new schools, church groups, community groups, sports clubs, prison and rehab groups. With many more leaders trained, and more kids having received the Bibles, it will be easier to carry on via WhatsApp or outdoor groups during any future lockdowns. Please pray for protection from the virus and for vaccines to arrive soon.
Website is Back Up and Event Updates!

Some of you may have encountered problems accessing our website. We apologize for these issues but it is back up now, so you can once again go to our site to check for information or make donations.

Federal Way Public Schools have decided they will not be opening their facilities to any organizations this summer, and there is no good option for another location (especially given how many items we usually have), so we will NOT be having a garage sale this year. If you would like to help offset this drop in our fundraiser contributions, please feel free to make a donation on our website. On the projects page, drop down to "Reach4Life." One supporter suggested that people might want to consider having their own garage sales and donating some of the proceeds to Reach4Life. (Sounds like a great idea!)

The clothing drive will continue until at least September 30. We can take gently used clothes, shoes, purses, belts, linens (tablecloths, towels, drapes, etc.), blankets/sleeping bags, and anything fabric-y. Clothes can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, on the porch or in front of the garage if it's good weather. Donation receipts are in a bag on the porch. We work with Savers (Value Village), who supports nonprofits with a contribution based on the weight for items they bring in. They have asked that we not bring in any stained, torn, or otherwise unusable items. Please also let your family and friends know about the clothing drive. Estate clear-outs are another source of clothing items so please let us know if you become aware of any of those. We can pick up large amounts of clothes if needed. Contact us at 253-946-5953 (landline), 206-423-0306 (cell), or by email.

We also will be having an online auction again this year, from October 2 through October 9, so please mark your calendars now for that. Thanks for your faithful help and support as we navigate through the ups and downs of this pandemic!
God is Working in Swaziland!
These kids are striking a happy pose at Magubheleni High School, Swaziland, after grades 10, 11 and 12 received their R4L Bibles. Country Coordinator Nonkazimulo Malaza (third from left) says, “We were welcomed by the headmaster and the teachers in this school in January 2021. It’s been a tough journey with lockdown interruptions, but all the grades participated in our WhatsApp groups, and all showed up when we were able to meet in person. Today I am happy that my team and I were able to give each faithful participant a Bible to keep. God is working in Swaziland through the R4L program, we are happy for being part of this great movement.” (The 2018 mission team will remember how much we enjoyed having Nonkazimulo travel with us.)
"He is More Powerful than Ancestors!"
It’s a Friday night and these Peer Educators are ready for their small groups to come to the community centre, where they are divided according to their ages. Each takes a group and the kids are taught the word of God in fun, exciting ways. Kamo (second from right) says, “I finished my high school last year, unfortunately my family does not have the resources to help me further my education. As a child of God, I have decided not to be discouraged but to serve God as a Peer Educator. My mother is a Sangoma (traditional doctor) she hates Christianity as it opposes her ancestral beliefs. She has been fighting with me, but I am not worried, I know who lives in me. He is more powerful, and His grace is sufficient for me. I am a happy and growing Reach4Life peer educator.”  
Former R4L Participant is now a Pastor
On the left are new Peer Educators that were trained in the new area of Magaliesburg. At right, Pastor Christopher (last name These) is pictured with facilitator Monica Muravha. He says, “I am the product of the R4L program. From high school I participated in the groups, and it shaped my Christian walk as a young person. Now I am married with children, and I am an ordained Pastor. I invited R4L in my hometown to come train because I know the impact that is going to be caused by this program. It was a great 3 days of training. Thank you for the Bibles that we will be giving out to 1,500 youth targeted in this area.”
New Fox Groups Begin
Pictured at left is the Qwaqwa, Free State Province, Ebenezer Church youth group. Nelly Mokoena (right), in grade 11 at Ratsane High School, says, “I learned about Reach4Life in my school, I told my Pastor about the program, he liked it, I then asked my Peer Educator (PE) to come present in my church, everyone loved the program. I was then trained as a Fox Peer Educator. I have started a few groups in my community and now I have trained 17 other youth in my church to be “R4L Foxes" too, each one of us has a group that we lead in our different schools. We meet over the weekends to plan our lessons for the week with the help of our PE mentor. We love the teachings. I am happy to belong to the R4L team.”
Grateful for the Written Bible!
Pictured above is the R4L club at Bronkhorstspruit, a safe place for kids. We want to again express our appreciation to Biblica for the Reach4Life Bibles. (We contribute toward some of the cost and Biblica donates some.) Many organizations and publishers seem to be moving toward the use of apps. However, in undeveloped countries, the book works better since not everyone has a computer or phone. Even if they do, accessing apps means paying for internet and air time, which is expensive when they just want to spend more time in the Word. Biblica's partnership and printing of the R4L Bibles is helping fuel the growth of Bible engagement in Africa!
Reach4Life is Part of Rugby Sports Club
We talk about R4L also being used by sports clubs, so we thought we'd show you some of the participants. Pictured here is the Enseleni Rugby youth club. They start their practice five times a week with a R4L lesson, conducted by a Peer Educator Sandile (sitting).  

Peer Educator Teaches and Coaches

This sports team is in Mlazi Township, Durban. Peer Educator Duncan Mthombeni not only coaches this team, but also leads them in Reach4Life lessons.  
"Big Sister in Christ"
Pictured here are best friends Lebo (left) and Katlego (right). “My name is Katleho, I am 14 years old, my school is North High in Zandspruit Johannesburg. Today our head master just gave us permission to start a small group in our school during break. We have our lesson planned and cannot wait to teach. I gave my Life to Christ in the R4L program in a Primary school 3 years ago. Now it feels good to be a big sister in Christ to other younger kids than me. In R4L we are taught that we know Christ to make him known. Me and my best friend we are ladies on the mission to make Christ known in our township”.
"Starting Over"
“My name is Malefo Pokwane (left), from Lesotho. I am a teen mom. I am 19 with 2 kids. I have made some serious mistakes in my life, and I was at a point of no return. I was desperate to change but just did not know how. I went to a church, and I heard them announcing a program for young people. I went that evening and that one meeting was a turn around. The lesson was “Starting over”, it was as if I was the only one in the room and the Lord was talking to me to come back to him. Now I have changed. The life I used to live is history, I am a new creation and loving to share the good news to those who are still lost like I was. May this program never lose power but continue saving lives through the word.”
"Used to Share a Bible"
“My name is Nkateko Nkosi. From Limpopo Province, age 16. Today I received my very own Bible in my church youth group. I gave my life to the Lord in Feb this year at a local revival. They sent me to a church near my home, but I did not have a Bible. I used to share with whosoever sitting next to me at church if they were willing to share. I felt ashamed that I could not afford a Bible. Sometimes I skipped services because I hated that I had no Bible of my own. Today my heart is full of joy, our youth Pastor brought a R4L team, they gave us each a Bible and they will be teaching us the Bible every Thursday. Thank you for this precious gift."  
Wants to Know More
“My name Nick Mfazwe, I am 13 yrs old. This is my first time coming to a R4L group. A friend invited me. It was so much fun, we played games, sang, and danced. They all made me feel welcomed. I received a bible and I have decided to know Christ more, my family are not believers I have never been to church but today I think church is a good place by just being here at the R4L community group."  
Pastors Using R4L
Mozambique country coordinator Merson Tete and his team had a great time with pastors from Gaza. They came to collect books for their youth groups after attending a training last month. These pastors have been struggling to develop youth programs in their villages but now they will introduce the R4L program with the help of trained Peer Educators. Eleven churches are participating. 
Chief Welcomes Reach4Life
Chief Xaba at Mahlaba Village, Kwazulu-Natal, is seen here welcoming the R4L team in the village as they launched to eight schools in this rural area.
Youth Group Launch
Coordinator Cleo Gudazi (right) is launching a youth group in Ntabazwe. Here local Pastor Khule Mthethwa (left) is receiving the R4L books.
School Rollouts!
Shown here is a grade 10 classroom at Gaopotlake Secondary School, receiving R4L books. Rollouts were also done for grades 11 and 12.  
More School Rollouts!
These 10th graders are at Gaopotlake Secondary School. Rollouts were also done for grades 11 and 12.
Last Minute Prep!
Olu (in hat) goes through a quick prep with other Fox (students teaching students) classmates before they go to their different grades to teach a R4L lesson. This is Ntandoyesizwe High in Ladysmith where they are given one hour twice a week to teach. Peer Educators and Fox student leaders take turns as there are a high number of schools served in this village.
All They Need
These Cape Town girls with their lovely smiles have just received their own Bibles after attending their group faithfully for four weeks. These little Bibles will tell them everything they need to know about God and how to live life according to His plan. With this solid foundation, they are well equipped for whatever challenges they might face in the future!
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