Asylum seekers have now walked thousands of miles, faced policy changes that limit their ability to claim protections, and been confronted by barbed wire at the border.

This Season, Rev. Terri Hord Owens, Disciples GMP, invites Disciples:
"In Advent & Epiphany, we recall the journeys of the Holy Family seeking space to be together and remain safe from the threat of dangers. As we remember, may we connect with migrants in ways that match the integrity of our personal faith's call--
because the bodies and souls of migrant families area made by the Creator who is One and same on each side of all types of borders."

Here's How You Can "Be the Light!":

1. Sign this FAITH PLEDGE to Stand in Solidarity with Asylum Seekers.

leaders to denounce anti-immigrant rhetoric and excessive enforcement
funding, and speak out against changes to legal immigration through the newly
proposed "Public Charge" rule. Help us reach 1,000 signatures before we hand
deliver it with faith partners this Tuesday!

3 .Call TODAY and through this Week of Action to support Asylum Seekers and
to Urge Congress Diminish Funding That Harms Immigrants or Border

4.Join in Prayer, Study, and Action about Immigrant and Refugee Themes

5. Learn from and Build Solidarity With Our Disciples Ministry partners. Connect with Global Ministry partners in Tijuana like Casa Romero who are supporting migrants, and with partners in Central America who understand well the root causes for the Exodus.

Pray for Disciples congregations in Tijuana assisting migrants, like Iglesia de Todas las Naciones led by Pastor Lupita. Pray also for Pastor Gabriel Lopez and others in Southern Ca. assisting them, and donate to Week of Compassion with the designation "Refugees" to strengthen outreach to migrants.

And, please remember to support the constant work of Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries to ensure justice for refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. (Click "choose an option," and select Refugee & Immigration Ministries.)

Follow Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries on Twitter @StanleyRea, and on FB at:, and call Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Director, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, with any questions: 202-957-7826.