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May 2, 2017

Extreme Makeover on an American Cocker Spaniel

This dog needs a lot of work.  He's wooly, with no pattern at all, and he's growing out from a shave down. Eventually, he's going to be used for competitions, but right now he's a mess.  It's a good thing Pina knows what to do!

Click below for more details and to see the free preview!

From the Archives!  
Cat Grooming with Kendra - The Barbary Lion Trim

Meet Spirit, Kendra Otto's personal feline. She is fun, sassy, and inquisitive - plus - she sheds! To overcome the hair problem in her home, Kendra designed this super-fast haircut for her kitty after the Barbary Lion.

Kendra clearly shows you where to place the pattern and how to blend it all together for a stylist look.
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