Hello friends, family, and cohousers,

We are entering December with a full heart, and lots to be thankful for. What began as a far fetched dream is now becoming a reality.

Over the course of the year we have purchased our site, hired our architects, hosted workshops, and revealed our designs.
And we are finishing off 2019 with possibly our most exciting news yet. . .

We are 50% Sold Out!!

That's right, half of the Heartwood Commons homes are off the market! We have found a warm and vibrant community with these future neighbors of ours, and we cannot wait to welcome in the other half of our neighborhood.
If you have been considering Heartwood Commons, now is the time to get involved. To learn how you can become part of our exciting new community, give Suzy a call at 918-519-5298.
Suzy Sharp, one of the Heartwood Commons founding members, was recently published on the National Cohousing Association's blog.

". . . s o I’m choosing to create my future, and I’m moving to cohousing. It offers the lifestyle I want and it will meet my needs so much better than the house I now live in"
Thank you, Suzy, for painting us this beautiful picture, and sharing your "why".
Aero, Tulsa’s new Rapid Transit bus, will stop right outside our front door.

How will our transportation needs change when we are living in our community, and as we grow older? Will couples still want two cars? What about car sharing? How do we live more lightly on the land and still enjoy the freedom a car represents? What does Tulsa’s city bus system have to offer?
With these questions on our mind, we recently took off to explore the new Aero bus route. With a bus stop right by our land it was easy on and easy off. The Aero runs 7 days a week and connects us to destinations along the vibrant Peoria corridor that runs North/South across our city. A much easier way to get to trendy Brookside for restaurants and shopping and to downtown Tulsa’s Arts District and fares are a real bargain.

So many fun places we can go!
We recently hosted a cozy event on our site, "Learn S'more About Heartwood Commons".
After we introduced our guests to Heartwood Commons, we gathered around the fire to eat our s’mores and and listen as storyteller, Bill Wescott, entertained us with one of his holiday tales.
Thank you, Bill, and all of our wonderful guests, for helping us ring in the coziest month of the year.
Cohousing is a relatively new housing concept in the US, and describing everything that cohousing is (and is not) can be a lengthy discussion.

A recent article by Family Matters In-Home Care does a marvelous job at describing exactly what we are trying to create, and why we are so passionate about it. If you are still unsure about exactly what cohousing is, we encourage you to follow the link below.
55+ Cohousing: A Community Approach to Aging in Place

Saturday, December 14th, 10:30am
Zarrow Pointe, Town Center Theater Room
2025 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK (just past the outdoor pool)

Explore cohousing and the comfortable, social, and engaged community lifestyle it offers – perfect for aging in place. Meet community members, view the designs, get answers to your questions and tour the land.  

For more information call Burlinda at  918-304-8117  or Suzy at  918-519-5298  or  email heartwoodcommonstulsa@gmail.com
Want to Learn More About Cohousing?
The Cohousing Association of the US is a great resource!

Cohousing is catching on everywhere in the world. And Cohousing.org gives you a wonderful way to find out more about the issues that concern cohousers everywhere. Sign up for their electronic newsletter to receive a twice monthly informative newsletter.
Learn More About Heartwood Commons
We're a local group of friendly, engaged and proactive adults who are working together to create Tulsa’s first cohousing community – a vibrant neighborhood where neighbors know and care about one another. We welcome you to come see our site, ask us questions, get to know the community, and participate in our meetings.
If you’ve been thinking about cohousing and you’d like to help create the community, literally, now’s the time get involved.
See our HOW TO GET INVOLVED page on our website.
Or call us at: ( 918) 519-5298.

The Land That Will Become Heartwood Commons

For more information about Heartwood Commons, check out our website , follow us on Facebook , call Suzy Sharp at
918-519-5298 or email heartwoodcommonstulsa@gmail.com .

Please note: for the time being, you'll also receive periodic emails from CoHousing Solutions , our development consultant. Their newsletters contain information about the cohousing movement and developments across the country.