Volume III, No. 8 | Father's Day Issue | June 17th 2021 (7 Tammuz 5781)
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Greetings and Shalom!

It's that time of year again for honoring dads across America. But do we honor dads? Today I will take a very brief nostalgic look back at a vintage decade: The 1950s. America's moral compass was more likely to point in the right direction. The nuclear family, dad at work, stay-at-home mom (used to be "housewife"), high heels in the kitchen, white picket fence, 2.2 kids and the family dog. Yes, I'm describing the TV world of Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best.
ABC Television, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
While life was not a TV fantasy and father didn't always know best and there was divorce, crime and drugs, there was a lot less of it. The "idyllic 50s" was not all a myth. And lots of things were right. One thing that was righter than today is that the traditional American family and dad's role in it were clearly defined.

Family life was more sound. Sixty percent of children were raised in homes with Dad as the sole breadwinner. There was economic stability. Women were getting married younger and having children. The marriage rate was at an all time high after World War II. The economy was strong. The decade of the 1950s saw the highest drop in divorce rates up to that point since statistics were compiled. In 1958 the rate fell to a record of 2.1 divorces for every 1000 people.
Then what happened. Enovid, the first birth control pill, was introduced in 1960. The sexual revolution followed. In 1962, a Supreme Court ruling banned prayer in public schools. In 1967, Colorado liberalized their abortion laws, followed by several other states. With the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, Dad's rights were dissolved because women's rights were absolute with abortion-on-demand. Abortion did nothing to end "unwanted births." On the contrary, births to unwed mothers rose significantly due to increased promiscuity. Between 1960 and 2017, forcible rape increased by a whopping 800%. So in the wake of legal abortion, crimes against women increased dramatically.
The divorce rate has hit a 50 year low over the past decade. However, marriages have plummeted. Millennials are not marrying or having children at replacement levels.

The abortion rate has declined in recent years, but there were still 862,320 abortions in 2017, 99% for choice. Nothing to be proud of or happy about. And fathers have no rights if they want to raise the baby.

The purpose of this look-back was just to give one perspective on how things were and in this writer's opinion, should be.

A stable and traditional family was better for Dads, Moms and kids.

Happy Father's Day.

For life,

Bonnie Chernin
JLL Founder
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Remembering Dads
This Father's Day, it's time to remember the forgotten Dads who could have chosen abortion over life, but made the right choice. Here are two thoughtful and moving stories. These are two wonderful tributes to fatherhood, beautifully expressed and written!
The word abortion never crossed his lips
A tale of two fathers with a vast difference in the way they view their roles as fathers. The author's personal account is poignant and testifies to the importance of fatherhood.

This Father's Day, Let's Salute Pro-Life Dads Who Love Their Kids
This is one of the most beautiful tributes to fatherhood and grandfather-hood I have ever read. Saddened to read about his passing.

Dad Creates Emotional Video
Defending Down Syndrome
"Down syndrome is literally one of the most beautiful things that's ever happened in my life."
Tikvat Rachel Post-Abortion Healing Support Group
UPDATE: We recently completed our first online Tikvat Rachel group meetings on Zoom. It was an amazing experience for the women. They were finally able to share and care with others who know what it's like to have an abortion. The women attendees found the personal interactions warm, accepting, compassionate and supportive. Most important, the Tikvat Rachel program helped them with their healing from previous negative abortion experiences.

We will keep everyone posted on our next Tikvat Rachel post-abortion healing group meeting, which we hope to begin in September.

All Jewish women and men who regret a past abortion experience are welcome. The venue is private and confidential. For more information contact Barbara Beth: BarbaraBeth54@protonmail.com

We must revalue life and give women life-affirming options to keep their babies. We have a number of important pregnancy resource centers listed below that provide compassionate assistance to pregnant women in need.

Abortion regret is a common occurrence in post-abortive women and men. The mainstream media is pro-abortion and ignores the fact that many women and men suffer long term grief, wishing they can undo the choice they made.

Tikvat Rachel is a unique program developed specifically for Jewish women and men suffering with feelings of pain and loss from a previous abortion. We offer an ongoing teshuvah-based program that provides a safe, compassionate and confidential healing pathway so you can recover from the pain of a past abortion experience. Our meeting is ongoing, every week. Contact Barbara at 347-566-7898 for more information.
Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:
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