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You put the GOOD in Goodman.

2020 has been a year. Whew. It hasn’t been easy on anyone, and there were plenty of days that have been downright bleak. But you know what’s not bleak? This community (yes, we’re talking about you). Since March, time and time again, members of this generous and kind community have turned up when we needed you most. 

On this #GivingTuesday, instead of asking for donations, we’re saying THANK YOU, and showing just how much good your support has brought to your neighbors. 

The Goodman Community Center wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for you ❤️
You Gave Kids a Chance to Succeed
Jishyia is 8 years old and a real charmer. Like all kids in the Madison Metropolitan School District, Jishyia’s school-year started online, and it’s looking like it’s going to stay that way for a while. So Jishyia’s mom enrolled her at the Goodman Center. This is her first fall at the Center, and it turns out, it’s a pretty good fit. 

“I miss school,” said Jishyia. “But before I was at Goodman it was hard to focus. I’m doing better now and my teachers are happy. My mom is really glad I’m getting help.”   

85% of the families who have children enrolled in GCC’s full-day childcare and virtual learning assistance are receiving some form of tuition assistance, many paying nothing at all. That’s one less stress on these families’ budgets, thanks to you. 
You Brought Peace of Mind to Parents
Meet Kearra. At the start of the pandemic, Kearra was a single mom struggling to take care of her kids and study early childhood education full-time. You know what though? That’s just not possible. 

“Mixing the two was a battle every day. When I was doing well in school, I wasn’t being the best mom. When I was outside with my kids, it was a great day, but I was failing school. I just couldn’t win.” 

Then GCC opened for summer camp (thanks to donations from you!), and two of Kearra’s boys, Toby and Navid, were able to learn and play in a safe environment. And Kearra was able to focus on her schoolwork. Kearra just started a new position as an assistant teacher in One City School’s preschool. 
You Helped Keep Our Seniors Safe
Seniors are among the most vulnerable when it comes to complications from the coronavirus, so our Older Adult Program was the first to shut down. But how do you make sure seniors who rely on the Center for warm meals and comradery stay connected? 
The Goodman Center got to work immediately, creating a list of seniors who would be interested in receiving regular check-in phone calls and linking them to volunteers willing to help. We also made sure these older adults continued to receive warm, healthy meals every weekday.  
GCC has delivered more than 32,000 meals to seniors and families on Madison’s north and east sides, and we’ve served 10,588 households through our drive-thru food pantry. Because one thing is sure: no one should have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. 

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You Brought New Opportunities to Teens
We throw around the phrase “college and career readiness,” at the Goodman Center quite a bit. It’s at the core of our childcare and youth programs (yes, we’re even thinking about what this looks like for our preschoolers). And when students reach high school, the career side of things really kicks in.  

The Goodman Center has employed 72 teens since the coronavirus hit Wisconsin, offering them a safe environment to learn valuable real-world skills while earning money.  

“If I weren’t working during the pandemic, I would be at home all day, every day with my family,” said Nadja, a TEENworks employee and senior at East High School. “To me, the best part about working with GCC is the relationships I’ve built with my coworkers, and knowing that I will be supported and given cool opportunities.” 

None of these opportunities are possible without the help of our community: from local businesses that offer internship opportunities to teens, to community members who make donations or engage with teens when they pick up their Preservation CSA. 
You Helped Our Staff Shine
Arthur Morgan has been teaching at the Goodman Center for a couple of decades now, and Daniel, age 13, has been a part of Arthur’s class since he started coming to Goodman in sixth grade. 

There is a little bit of magic in the work teachers like Arthur are doing every day. GCC teachers are known for bringing creativity and superhero-like commitment to their kids, and they’re finding some wildly creative ways to keep kids engaged in virtual learning. But they’re mostly doing something fundamental and incredibly important: They’re showing up every day to be with kids during a super-challenging time.  

And that’s paying off for kids like Daniel: “I’m more focused when I’m out of the house. I feel trapped when I get home. When I’m here I feel open. I can think.”

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So today, take a minute to breathe a little easier knowing you have made a difference right here in your community. Thank you for being in our corner ❤️
We are constantly reassessing how we can help our community. goodmancenter.org/corona
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