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Monthly Newsletter | May 2022


Our Six-Step Guide to an Effective Campaign

Here at Octagon Media, a phrase we tend to use is, “trust the process.” And trust us, there is a process! There’s a method to our madness here, and that has resulted in some pretty amazing campaigns over the years. So, we’ve decided to share our method with you. Here’s our six-step guide to an awesome campaign:

Step 1: Historical

We start off by getting to know our clients. We thoroughly research their company, their product and their competition.

Step 2: Objective & Goals

After researching their business, we then set up a meeting with the client to discuss their goals. Regarding campaign results, what hopes does the client have? Do they want to drive traffic to their website, social media page(s) or actual business? Do they want to push a certain product? Do they want to promote an event? Or, is it general brand awareness? Whatever the case may be, we get with the client to figure it out before laying out a marketing plan. 

Step 3: Research

We understand that to successfully pull off a campaign, a lot of research must go into it. Qualitative and quantitative data is compiled along with market profiles and coverage maps. We do this to understand how people interact with a brand(s) from initial exposure to engagement.

Step 4: Budget

Then we assist the client in determining the scope and budget of their project to create a plan that is cost-efficient and can extend beyond their investment.

Step 5: Develop + Plan

After determining a budget, we now move on to the development process. We devise a plan that will provide the greatest benefit and achieve positive, impressive results.

Step 6: Execute

We grow the client’s brand equity by addressing their unique challenges. We know that this is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Upon the conclusion of the phase, we meet with the client to evaluate the results. What worked? What could we have done better? Moving forward, what are the steps we need to implement? These things are discussed during this step.

Our team found that following this six-step process has aided in achieving incredible results, and we hope that this helps you all in your advertising adventures!


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