Join Us in Idyllic Fairbanks Ranch

Nile Sisters Development InitiativeNDSI welcomes you to Hands that Shape Our World , our first fundraiser for year 2020 missions. Open to NSDI supporters, their families, and their friends, this exotic, multicultural event will take place at the gracious Rancho Santa Fe residence of Jamie Carr.

Hands that Shape Our World
Sunday, October 6, 2019

Benefits NSDI year 2020 missions.

Sri Lanka Basketry
Colorful baskets, hand-woven by dextrous Sri Lanka artisans, will be among the many exotic treasures to peruse and purchase at Hands that Shape Our World .

Kenyan Jewelry

Browse through beautiful hand-strung baubles and bangles, to give or add to your own collection of wardrobe accessories.

Tibetan Prayer Bowls
Also known as "singing bowls," these artful hammered-alloy vessels create relaxing bell-like music when stroked with a soft mallet. Each bowl creates its own signature harmonic overtones. Test and take home a chorus of bowls that resonate best with you.

Sari Wrap Demonstration

Watch an expert, and try your own skill at wrapping, tucking, pleating, and draping techniques to create unique ways to adorn your figure in exquisitely dyed and patterned sari textiles.

Mehndi Body Painting
Masterful artists will provide hands-on application of this ancient East Indian decoration that relies upon a paste derived from the dried and powdered leaves of the henna plant.

African Tribal Performance

Authentically costumed dancers and hand-drummers will entertain you with their traditional African rhythms, expressive hand gestures, and exuberant synchronized movement.

Ethiopian Coffee Ritual
Participate in what some Ethiopian villages consider to be the most important occasion of all, the coffee ceremony. It begins with flower and grass decoration, followed by coffee-bean roasting, brewing, and finally genteel service to guests.

Our Commitment
Founded in 2001, the Nile Sisters Development Initiative ( NSDI ) mission is
to educate, support, and offer training to refugee and immigrant women and their families
to help them overcome barriers to social and economic self-reliance.