Adult Ed WAVE (Workers Amplifying Voices for Equity) is a group of teachers, including some who have left teaching, working together to advocate for Adult Education. We love our job and our students but we are frustrated about the working conditions that have led to the so-called "teacher shortage".

We are the teacher shortage:

we're here, we want to teach, but many of us can't!

This month, we're asking WHY:

  • Why are so many adult education professionals leaving the field?
  • Why isn't 'adult education professional' a sustainable career path?
  • Why are some still saying there's a teacher shortage?
  • Why is adult education not a bigger priority in Illinois?

We want to hear from you about this:

  • Complete a survey and tell us more about where and how you work in your adult education job (or how you previously did)

  • Dcoument your experience in adult education in a short video - tell us why you love Adult Education and why you want to stay

  • Share this opportunity with friends and colleagues that you know have left the field - give them a chance to tell their stories

We're looking to get connected with former adult education workers as well as those that are trying to get into the field now. If you are no longer working in adult ed (or haven't started yet) please share your experience in and out of adult education. If you know someone that fits this description, please share this info with them.

Thank you for making the Adult Education field more

inclusive, transparent, and sustainable. 

Questions[email protected]

Adult Ed WAVE is proudly supported by Literacy Works' Community Literacy Program

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