"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn"


We are supposed to see some very chilly temperatures this week. As a reminder, you will want to protect any plants that are tender or borderline hardy.

To help you prepare, we suggest covering any tender plants you have with Harvest Guard or Easy Tunnels. Both will protect your crops against frost. The high quality fleece material creates warmth and insulation while allowing moisture and sunlight to filter through. It will also prevent sun scorching on warmer days.

Mulching is another great idea for protecting your plants during cold snaps or harsh weather. Remember, keep the mulch away from the crown of trees or shrubs. Leave a narrow gap between the mulch and the stems of trees and shrubs. If the mulch touches them, it may soften and weaken them, making them vulnerable to disease.

Spring Bulbs are HERE!

Disclaimer: Our bulb selection might just make your mind explode! If you are a bulb aficionado or a newbie, we guarantee to have something that will add beauty to your garden that only a bulb can offer.

Don't forget your Bulb-tone!

All natural organic fertilizer for all spring and fall bulbs

  • Perfect for all bulbs, tubers and corms
  • Long lasting, slow-release feeding with exclusive Bio-tone Microbes
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients with no fillers or sludges

Use when planting in Spring, Fall or after flowers bloom.

We are thrilled to announce...we have BLUEBERRIES!!

So many blueberries!!

Q. What do you call it when a group of blueberries play jazz music?

A. A jam session.

Here is a list of the varieties we have on hand. Remember that most blueberries need two plants for cross pollination and they cannot be of the same variety. They must over-lap seasons which means you need either two early, an early and a mid, two mid, a mid and a late or two lates for proper cross pollination. And well, hopefully you get the drift. Our tags on the plants will tell you if they are an early, mid or late bloomer. And if you are still unsure, we have a blueberry pollination chart in our Garden Store for you to reference.

Blueberry List:

Aurora - late

Berkeley - late

Bluecrop - mid

Bluegold - mid

Blueray - mid

Chandler - mid

Darrow - late

Draper - mid

Duke - early

Earliblue - early

Elliott - late

Legacy - late

Liberty - late

Northland - mid

Oneal - early

Patriot - early

Reka - early

Spartan - early

Sunshine Blue - mid

Toro - mid

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned we had onion bundles. However, at that time we didn't have Walla Walla.

We Do NOW!!


Slogging through the rain, mud or snow?

Do it in style and comfort with Sloggers Waterproof Comfort shoes and clogs.

Sloggers gardening shoes provide overall comfort and ease to your feet with a soft, rubber-like material. The premium arch support insoles with extra cushion for ache relief are the secret to all-day-comfort footwear.

Made in the USA from US and imported parts, no expense is spared to bring you the cutest, most comfortable waterproof footwear available. Available in both men and women's sizes and in an assortment of colors.

Plum Leaf Curl

Contrary to popular belief, curly leaves on a plum tree are not caused by a disease, they are are caused by aphids feeding on new spring growth. Aphids can damage the leaves enough to make them useless to the plant. The aphids are usually brought to the tree by ants - who also protect the aphids from predators. Tanglefoot on a paper band around the trunk is a non-toxic solution to stop the ants before damage can occur.

Healthy Plum

Plum with leaf curl from aphids

The Solution:

  • Works for gypsy moths, aphids, cankerworms, weevils, ants, caterpillars, moths, and cutworms
  • Long-lasting and weatherproof
  • This sticky solution provides a protective barrier for trees
  • Prevents against sunscald, damage from rodent or mammal feeding
  • Protects against gypsy moths, aphids, cankerworms, weevils, ants, caterpillars, moths, and cutworms when used with Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier
  • Weatherproof with season-long protection

Upcoming Member's Weekend March 11th and 12th.

We hope you can make it!

Just a reminder, Little Sprouts will now be in-house this year.

We will no longer be doing the take-home kits.

In a perfect Fanta world, there would be meowy more cat naps in the sun.

This cold weather is for the birds!


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