Join Region 4 ESC for the National Presenter Series for Inclusive Practices. Dr. Paula Kluth and Matt Bergman are joining Dr. Marilyn Friend for a full line-up this fall! Learn best practices for creating a thriving inclusive learning environment for your classroom, campus, and district.
Are You Clearing Off Steps or Shoveling Off Ramps?
Attend this session to learn about Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Discover how the UDL framework can assist educators in identifying and removing curriculum barriers. Explore multiple means of representation to give learners various ways of acquiring information and knowledge. Engage in multiple means of action and expression to provide learners alternatives for demonstrating what they know. Understand multiple means of engagement to tap into learners' interests and increase motivation.
Matt Bergman is a former teacher turned international speaker, blogger, consultant, and learning technologies specialist. He is passionate about infusing technology into instruction in meaningful, personalized, and accessible ways. He has served as a Harvard University UDL Institute faculty member, Google for Education Certified Trainer, Apple Educator, and CAST Professional Learning faculty member.
Dwelling in Possibility: The Values, Beliefs, and Habits of Inclusive Schools
This session is inspired by the words of celebrated poet, Emily Dickinson, who wrote, “I dwell in possibility.” This reflection will be applied to the history and current state of inclusive schooling. Dr. Kluth will also discuss a vision for the future of this social justice movement and specifically what beliefs, values, and practices associated with inclusion will help us succeed in educating, challenging, motivating, and supporting all learners.
Presume Competence, Prioritize Peers, and 10 Other Things Every Paraprofessional Needs to Know
Paraprofessionals who support students with disabilities in the general education classroom are critical members of inclusive schooling teams. Many, however, feel they do not have adequate background knowledge about the "what, why, and how" of inclusive schools. This session is designed for new and veteran paraprofessionals who work in inclusive classrooms and require the skills needed to support diverse groups of learners. 
Dr. Paula Kluth is a nationally recognized presenter, consultant, author, and independent scholar who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities. Her work is focused on creating responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. 
Co-Teaching: Classroom Partnerships for Student Success
For those just embarking on co-teaching and those looking to renew their understanding, this workshop is for you! Gain an overview of the key elements of co-teaching as a service delivery option.
Effective and Sustainable Co-Teaching: Going Beyond the Basics
Reflect on current co-teaching practices, tackle planning time and scheduling, and consider a wide range of issues that may arise in co-taught classrooms and schoolsin a virtual or remote environment. 
Just for School and District Leaders: Getting the Results You Need from Co-Teaching and Specially Designed Instruction (Mistakes, Issues, and Ideas)
Explore conceptual and practical issues related to creating and maintaining co-teaching programs in inclusive schools.
Dr. Marilyn Friend is chairperson and professor of education in the Department of Specialized Education Services at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has provided more than 1,000 presentations, nationally and internationally, in the areas of collaboration, co-teaching, and inclusive school practices.