We are looking forward to our grant review and ASCO, taking place early in June. It is always a hopeful experience to hear grant proposals debated by a panel of scientists as the Foundation tries to grasp where we should invest your money. Because most of these dollars come from patients friends and families, and because our organization consists primarily of people living with PV, ET or MF, our focus is on what is going to have the most impact, as soon as possible. Especially in light of the uncertainty of the future of Gilead's Momeolotinib, we know first hand the eagerness to see scientific breakthroughs applied to effective new treatments for PV, ET and MF either alone or in combination with other therapies.
We're looking forward to meeting others with MPN at some upcoming events. Please see below for updates, and check our website calendar regularly to see what's coming up in your area.

Michelle Woehrle
Executive Director
Featured patient blog:
Thalidomide and Me by Landon Y. Jones
The four syllables did a macabre soft-shoe dance deep into my memory. My hematologist had just asked if I would be interested in a clinical trial combining my current medication, ruxolitinib, with thalidomide.

To anyone who remembers the early 1960s, thalidomide was at the center of a pharmaceutical scandal -- and a worldwide tragedy. Marketed by the German company Chemie GrĂ¼nenthal as a sleeping pill and promoted as an antidote for morning sickness in pregnant women, it instead produced a devastating array of birth defects, most prominently malformed arms and legs. The photos were heartbreaking. Of 10,000 cases reported worldwide, an estimated 5,000 of the children survived, most born in 1960-61, almost all of them now in their late 50s.
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Upcoming MPN events

Blades Against Myelofibrosis
To do my part in supporting the foundation, I have created the "Blades Against Myelofibrosis" charity drive.. The twin blades of power (knives) and knowledge (light) working together will provide us with the means to battle and ultimately defeat this cancer. The inaugural 2017 drive started on 3/15/17. Learn more

Events for people with MPN coming to a town near you! 
MPN Advocacy and Education International is hosting educational events for MPN patients around the globe. The next event will be in Cleveland on June 9th. 
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