Prescott Circus Newsletter: June 2021
Dear Friends, Fans, and Family,

Who would've thought that we would've had to learn to juggle quite like this?!
We want to give HUGE PROPS for our teaching artists this year for their commitment, stamina, and creativity. (See below for a link to check out the great work they created with our students this year.).

And just as we concluded an unprecedented school year, we've been re-entering spaces together with our students and staff for our 2021 Summer Circus and Academic Program.
We’ve finally been able to pause to share some of our accomplishments, what we are up to, and sincerely ask for your support. We were not able to hold an extravagant spring fundraiser as we have in the past. So without a lot of flourishes and spectacle, we hope you will participate in this season’s efforts to help us raise $10,000 over the next six weeks. Your donation will make a tremendous difference for students and our organizational strength right now. 
Your donation today will directly support our no-cost summer program and build a strong foundation for the coming year. You can click the link below to make a tax-deductible gift or scroll down to learn about our non-monetary ways you can help this season.  
On behalf of our Board of Directors and families, we thank you.
One Drum. One Sound. Once Circus.

David Hunt, Executive / Artistic Director
Spring Students Perform with Poetry
making the learning livable
Poetry, video, and image-capture became our students’ virtual circus ring and performance stage this spring. Distance-learning opened new opportunities for creative expression as our teaching artists and students expanded what it means to learn, reflect, and perform circus. Below is an example of a student-written poem reflecting on themselves, what they learned, and the belief in their own possibilities.

These poems, images, and short videos exemplify how circus arts learning extends way beyond just clowning around!
I like circus because of the juggling balls. 
They are fun to juggle.
I like all the colors, and you get to play with them and throw them.

I am good
I am Stein
I wonder how powerful I will be
I am good
I am Stein
I hear my powers growing
I see my powers
I want my powers
I am good I am Stein
I do what I do best!
When I style at the end of a trick I think, “that was a good run, Stein!’
The style I like to do is the dab!
- Piedmont Ave. Circus Student. May 2021
Summer Circus Returns!
Last week, we momentously returned to in-person programming with our 6-week Summer Circus and Academic Program. We have a solid cohort of 25 students, apprentices, and assistants ages 8 - 20 years old. Students are engaging in daily activities in performance skill building, academic enrichments, social emotional learning, and FUN!

Watch our website and social media pages for photos and stories in the coming weeks!
Stay tuned for updates about outdoor public shows in July! 

adult Black man wearing black pants and a white shirt with colorful patterned patches plays a drum next to an alter with displays of African symbols and photos and objects
Coach Derique introducing the cultural connections of Hambone Body Percussion.
a girl with brown skin wearing a white shirt and red pants is sitting on the edge of a stage with orange stilts on her legs she is being helped by two other girls
Older youth assisting first time stilt walkers.
A girl with brown skin wearing a mask and red sweatshirt is passing juggling clubs with their coach
Advancing student juggling.
boy with brown skin wearing a blue vest and orange shirt with a red clown nose and red hat is holding a pink ring in front of face smiling and winking
There are many ways you can support PCT that doesn’t involve donating cash! 

  • Create a Facebook fundraiser: Click here to start one today! 
  • Invite us to present (live or in person) to your church, social club, or community group
  • Serve on a committee or our Board of Directors

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