This Month at CLC: October 2018
CLC: [Not just] by the numbers
Every September, CLC gathers and compiles the sales and savings numbers for the hundreds of negotiated discounts, professional development opportunities, discounted products, and shared collections that we made available to our members the prior fiscal year. It is a laborious job (thank you, Christine Sarrazin), but a critical way for us to evaluate how we are doing.

And the numbers are in ...

Drumroll please ...
In FY17-18, CLC saved our members $7,316,532.80. This is a whopping return on both state and membership investment in our little non-profit organization:

  • For every dollar the state contributed to CLC ($124,402), Connecticut’s libraries saved $59.
  • For every dollar libraries paid in membership dues ($177,172), you saved an average of $41.

This means that CLC is (and always has been) a model for the savings and efficiencies that the state is trying to achieve via regionalization. More importantly, it means you have additional dollars to spend on other projects, products and services that help your communities. What an amazing ripple effect!

This year’s savings is 1.91% lower than the savings of FY16-17; not surprising as so many of your budgets were significantly cut. Here are some trends we noticed:
  • You spent an average of 4% less on books compared to the previous year, and 6% less on non-print.
  • You made difficult decisions about database purchases, but it appears that you were able to maintain core databases and even add new ones.
  • School library savings dipped by 10.92% compared to the previous year.
  • Public and special libraries saved slightly less than last year – 1.63% and 2.69% respectively.
  • Bucking the downward trend, academic library savings rose by 10.93%.

But CLC is not just about numbers, are neither are you. When we consider whether to implement a new project, program, or product, our first consideration is usually the numbers: What will it cost? How many will benefit? How can we demonstrate its value? The numbers must always be acknowledged, but they can’t be our only drivers. Our mission is what keeps all of us grounded in good decision making.

At CLC, our goal is to strengthen your ability to serve your users. Sure, we save you money – but we also offer you professional development, provide opportunities to come together, advocate for you, post articles on social media that add to your knowledge or expand your perspective. As the numbers wax and wane, our focus on you never wavers.
Jennifer Keohane, Executive Director | 860.344.8777 x103
Alena Principato
Member Relations Manager, Public & Special Libraries

Can you feel it in the air? The weather is brisker, leaves are starting to change, it’s a new season … budget season . Because we sit in on directors' and other roundtables where budgets are often the topic, we know that this is typically the time of year when you reflect on last year’s budget and begin planning for the next.
At CLC, one of our primary goals is to help you make the most of your budget by offering discounts on products that help you meet your goals, whether that means providing new services to your community or training for your staff. As you’re budgeting, Julie and I would love to hear your answers to these questions:

  • What are you excited to build into your budget this year? What projects are you looking to move forward with?
  • What are you concerned about being able to afford this year?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the above via our short survey:
You can also call me at (860) 344-8777 x104 or email . We would love to know your goals and challenges, so that CLC can focus on providing services that are of the most value to you.
Finally, we have heard from some libraries that wish to renew their CLC membership now for Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2019. We understand your budget situation and are glad to accept early renewals. We are also excited to announce that dues rates are the same as last year! Please reach out to me if you are interested in renewing this month. Dues invoices will go out to everyone by early November.
Julie Yulo-Medeiros
Member Relations Manager, Academic & School Libraries

Budgets are always on librarians' minds. Many of us have witnessed budgets shrinking over the last several years even though prices for services and resources continue to rise. As Alena noted above, we've put together a very short survey to capture a bit of information about your budget, and how CLC might help you meet your goals. Please share your thoughts with us:
Or, if you prefer, reach out to me at .
On September 7 at the Woodbridge Town Library, the Children’s Librarians Roundtable South started their meeting with the question, “What is conversational reading?” We soon learned from Judy Rabin, Woodbridge's Head of Children's and Youth Services, that it is a great way to engage children in books to help create lifelong readers and library users.

Judy developed a dynamic and sustainable reading program from the book Reading Together by Diane Frankenstein. She recruited students from the local high school to read to children ages 4-7 on Saturdays in April. The teens first attended one 30 minute training workshop, and committed to at least one of the Saturday reading sessions. It was a win for all: the teens loved being the older, responsible readers to the little ones, and the children loved the one-on-one attention they received from the teens.

My big takeaway from this roundtable was the opportunity for school librarians to collaborate with the public library to create similar programs . High school librarians could recruit and help train students - those in child development courses would be a natural fit, and might be able to create Reading Together Story Guides with guidance from librarians. Elementary librarians would be able to promote the program to their students and families via newsletters and social media.

School and public librarians, what are your plans to share talents and resources between schools and public libraries this school year? Please take a moment to share your thoughts - .
Members of the Children’s Librarians Roundtable South learning about Reading Together.
Judy Rabin shares Reading Together expertise.
A few of the books used for the Reading Together program.
Amanda Stern
Events & Special Projects Manager

Professional development is something we all can agree is important for acquiring and honing skills, staying current on issues and trends, and otherwise growing in our careers. But with staff shortages, busy schedules, and budget cuts, we all struggle with how to fit in PD. Fortunately, we have many options available to us. Here are just a few.

Last month I wrote about our CLC roundtables - specialized professional development groups where you can meet with colleagues and discuss issues, learn from and grow with your peers, and hear from experts. (Check out the adjacent photos to see some of our groups in action!) We believe in this program and the magic that comes from getting out of your library and connecting with colleagues. If you have never attended a roundtable, we encourage you to find one that interests you and make time to attend. If it’s been a while, come back – we miss you!

What if you can’t get out of the library to attend a meeting, no matter how good it will be? Perhaps a webinar will fit the bill for you. CLC offers periodic webinars on our products to meet the needs of our members. Recently we hosted two webinars showcasing JobNow , training librarians how to use the features so they, in turn, can teach their patrons. Webinars are typically recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. Are there topics you’d love to see explored in a webinar? Contact the CLC office and let us know.

Finally, it is gearing up to be conference season, and we plan to bring the best of some upcoming conferences to you. This month we'll be covering the NELA Conference , and we'll also be exhibiting at CASL/CECA . Perhaps we'll see you at one of these events - but if not, we'll be your representatives and will bring back information and ideas that you can use.

As always, please feel free to contact our office to let us know how we can meet your professional development needs.
The ILL Librarians Roundtable West met on 9/20 at the Beardsley & Memorial Library in Winsted. Next meeting: 11/15, Darien Library.
At their 9/18 meeting at Cragin Memorial Library, the Young Adult Librarians Roundtable Capitol Region discussed graphic novel collection development. Next meeting: 10/16, Simsbury Public Library .
The Valley-Shore Library Directors Roundtable met August 29 at the Ivoryton Library to discuss town funding, fundraising, and FY19/20 budgets and year-end appeals.
You probably already know about our supplies contract with Demco (if not - learn more and start shopping ). But did you know that there are a few specialty supplies items that you can get directly from CLC? We're always looking for ideas for CT library branded items and/or hard-t0-find items that we can buy in bulk and sell to you in small quantities to save you money. Contact Amanda at with your ideas.
Flash Drives
New style - same price - and now with lanyard! Purchase these CT library flash drives and resell them to patrons and students in need of a storage device, From $4.65 each. Order any amount, directly from CLC.
Reusable Totes
Bold new design - same low price! Help your users carry their materials AND show their love for CT libraries. Our cheerful, lightweight bags make great resale or giveaway items. Order any quantity, directly from CLC. From $1.15 each.
11"x14" Acrylic Sign Holders
CLC's 11"x14" sign holders are top quality acrylic, manufactured just for us to stand up to years of library wear and tear without cracking, chipping, or yellowing. Available in the five styles pictured below - slatwall portrait & landscape, slant-back portrait & landscape, and bottom-load portrait. Pickup at CLC.
Thursday, October 25, 10:00am
Middletown Library Service Center
Homelessness and housing insecurity are issues in our communities, no matter where in Connecticut we live and work. A panel will discuss the topic and provide ideas that can be implemented in our libraries. Speakers include:

Thursday, October 25, 1:30pm
Mortensen Library, University of Hartford
Academic librarians and staff, please join your colleagues for the next Academic Library Roundtable on Thursday, October 25 from 1:30-3:00 pm at University of Hartford's Mortensen Library in West Hartford. Agenda items include cross campus connections/outreach, information literacy instruction, assessment, and OER.
Thursday, November 8, 10:00am
East Lyme Public Library
What’s your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for an upcoming program? Let’s meet and talk about taking the next step - from dreaming about the program, to outlining, planning, and bringing it to life in your community. Bring your ideas - excitement and collegial support will be supplied!
These meetings are just a small sample of upcoming roundtables - 11 meetings are happening in October alone! Please explore and register for your favorites. Everyone is welcome at a CLC roundtable.
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