JANUARY 24, 2022
Annual Report Spotlights: Global Climate Partnership

A USTDA feasibility study will help connect more than 200,000 women, farmers, and rural citizens to new solar-powered minigrids in Kaduna, Kogi and Plateau states. The study will include site surveys, preliminary engineering, economic and financial analyses and an assessment of the project’s likely developmental impacts on rural women. USTDA’s engagement will also create business opportunities for U.S. equipment and services suppliers in Nigeria’s minigrid sector, while supporting up to 20 megawatts of new solar power for rural communities.


USTDA is funding a feasibility study to advance a renewable biofuels project in Karachi that will make the land, water, and air cleaner and create a more livable environment for the city’s residents. The project involves processing waste into a sustainable, renewable source of energy that will facilitate the decarbonization of Pakistan’s economy while opening new commercial opportunities for U.S. companies.


USTDA is funding the development of a roadmap to advance efforts by SCG International Corporation Co., Ltd. to electrify its vehicle fleets and deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country. This partnership will catalyze private sector investment to support Thailand’s green economic transition and bring substantial benefits, including improved air quality. In addition, the project will expand opportunities for U.S. companies to partner with Thailand as it seeks high-quality EV solutions in support of its climate priorities.