A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
Regardless of where you fall on our political spectrum or what you support, we can all agree that the confirmation process of Justice Brett Kavanaugh received wide-spread attention. 

This may be due to the fact that this year is a year of cultural awakening in the movement to end sexual violence. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s decision to come forward with her deeply personal experience before a national audience has inspired survivors across the nation to share their own stories, speak out against sexual violence, and seek solidarity with one another. 

Each one of us has the potential to help create a community of belief and acceptance, and this begins with trusting and supporting survivors. WTLC stands with every survivor, whether or not they choose to disclose their stories. We look forward to, and continue to work toward, a future where every survivor is met with compassion as we strive to end sexual and domestic violence. 

With Appreciation,

Thank You For Joining us for 3/4 Time: Dueling Pianos!
Thank you to our sponsors (Vino Nostra, Lin Garcia, Chorale Bel Canto, Coconut and Nahyla, and Mark Lee and James Le) for making the night possible, to our musicians Jake and Val for their amazing talents, and our guests for making the event a wonderful success!
A Place to Call Our Own: Edith’s Story
Edith’s smile stretched from cheek to cheek as she opened the door to her apartment, welcoming us into her new home. She wasted no time giving us a tour of her new living space, proud of the home she had built for her family.

Three years ago, Edith never would have imagined that she and her two boys would be living in an apartment of their own, finally free from fear and beginning to heal. Edith had been trapped in an abusive relationship for years, and had recently gathered her courage and left. She and her two children moved in with her sister, sharing a small bedroom between the three of them. She was so grateful to her sister for welcoming them into her house, but knew they couldn’t stay there forever. Afraid of wearing out her welcome, she began to make calls.
Because of your support, when Edith called WTLC after being bounced from agency to agency, she was able to immediately be connected to the Key Housing Program. Working closely with their Advocate, Edith and her boys moved out of her sister’s house and into an apartment of their own. Edith was thrilled to have a safe space to house her family, but it didn’t quite feel like home yet... 
Thank you, Orange County United Way, for your support through the Women’s Philanthropy Fund!
WTLC is so grateful to OC United Way for their support of our Key Housing Program, which helps survivors and their families find and maintain safe, stable, long-term homes. The Women’s Philanthropy Fund has been integral to the growth of our programs since 2013.

Thank you, OC United Way! 
This Veterans Day, as WTLC says thank you to those who have served our country, we would also like to draw attention to the often overlooked intersection of military service and domestic violence. 

30% of woman veterans experience intimate partner violence at some point in their lives, according to research from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These Veterans not only have the potential trauma of active service to process, but also the trauma of violence from an intimate partner. Like all survivors, the needs of these veterans can vary—some will need the safety of an emergency shelter program as they escape their abuse, and others will need non-residential supportive services such as counseling and legal advocacy. 

In addition to providing these services to veteran survivors, WTLC also works to engage veterans who have caused harm in their own homes, providing services that help address trauma and teach healthy relationship strategies. Through these efforts, we work to break the cycle of violence by ensuring the person who caused harm has resources to prevent future violence or abuse.
Meet Our Team
The Administrative Team works behind the scenes to ensure the efficient performance of all departments at WTLC. They act as a connecting link between management and staff as well as programs and mission. This efficient and dedicated team is committed to creating innovative solutions to take our organization into the future, while providing the best experience for our staff.
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