A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
Last week, Shanann Watts, who was 15 weeks pregnant, and her two daughters, Bella (age 4), and Celeste (age 3), were reported missing. The following day, Shanann’s husband Chris Watts gave an emotional interview in front of their home in which he begged for his pregnant wife and daughters’ safe return. Less than a week later, local authorities had arrested Chris and charged him with his family’s murder.
As I read more about this tragic act of violence, I began to notice some upsetting comments left by other readers. Two that stood out were:

“… I wonder what she did to make him snap …”, and “… there’s a noticeable red mark on his neck, possibly from the wife. I think she attacked him first …”
Camille Finds Hope in An Unexpected Place
It’s Friday at 9:50 AM and Camille drops her children off in the children’s room on her way to WTLC’s Relapse Prevention Group meeting for the 3 rd time this month. This meeting marks the half-way point of her 6-week journey of recovery and continued stabilization. Some days are easier than others, but she is committed to staying sober for herself and her children.

One year ago, Camille made the hardest and scariest decision of her
life, to leave her abusive husband.
A marriage of over 10 years had turned violent when Tony lost his job and was unable to find employment.

“The longer he was out of work, the more depressed he became and his temper increased. That is when he changed.” In order to make ends meet, Camille took more shifts at the hospital where she worked as a nurse, but her prolonged absence at home only escalated the accusations and verbal abuse.
Finding Courage in the Legal Process
Some of the most significant challenges faced by survivors in filing a restraining order is the re-traumatization, a nxiety, and worry the court process has on them . For example, survivors are often fearful of facing their abuser in court or having to recount their trauma in a courtroom full of strangers.
At WTLC, we understand that going through the legal process alone can be a terrifying and stressful ordeal for a survivor. That’s why our Legal Advocates are committed to providing emotionally supportive legal advocacy that is responsive to survivors’ trauma throughout the court process. Our Advocates aid survivors by providing information regarding the Restraining Order process, preparing Restraining Orders, prepping participants for upcoming court hearings, and accompanying participants to their court hearings.
In 2017, our Legal Advocates provided over 200 survivors with support obtaining a restraining order. 

In-n-Out Burger Foundation: Supporting Every Child’s Right to a Violence-Free Life
With a mission of assisting children who have been victims of child abuse and preventing others from experiencing a similar fate, the In-n-Out Burger Foundation has partnered with WTLC for over 14 years to support children of domestic violence survivors. The Foundation helps fund WTLC’s Children’s Program, which uses a therapeutic approach to help children regain their sense of safety and security after escaping a violent home.

Thank you, In-n-Out Burger Foundation!
Back to School: Celebrating Our Kids
The courtyard was filled with boisterous laughter as the children of WTLC celebrated their return to school with pizza, games, and, of course a little something for the parents—raffle prizes! Kids picked out backpacks overflowing with school supplies, generously donated by the United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals and the National Charity League - Yorba Linda, so they could start the school year off ready to learn.

Best of luck to all the kids beginning their new school year!
children provided with emergency shelter services
children engaged in our educational programs
children engaged in play and art therapy to heal from trauma
Studies show that children are better able to cope and recover from trauma when they get the right help from friends, family and counselors. Did you know that 50% of survivors in our program are kids?
Volunteer Highlight
This month's volunteer highlight features Emergency Hotline volunteer Dana Wogahn. Dana began volunteering in November 2017, helping to answer and direct phone calls from survivors seeking services. Dana showed a natural gift in providing resources to community residents specific to their needs, and creating a safe space for residents to share their story by approaching each person with empathy and non-judgment. A few months later, a Relief Advocate position opened up at WTLC and Dana was offered the position. 
Dana volunteers during the day, meeting shelter participants and families, providing crisis help, and   connecting community residents with WTLC’s service; while working as a relief advocate at night. She is starting her Master's in Social Work at Cal State Fullerton this fall. Interested in volunteering? Check out our volunteer opportunities!
Meet Our Team
During life’s tough times when survivors are facing a legal issue and need a shoulder to lean on, WTLC’s Board of Immigration Appeals accredited legal advocates provide confidential legal advocacy services including: obtaining obtaining restraining orders, divorce, child custody, child support and visitation rights, and receiving information on court processes, victims’ rights, and immigration.

Left to right: Erica Carrillo, Lynn Nguyen, Leslie Jimenez, Oma Guerrero, and Dan Sanders
Funding made possible through the United States Department of Justice, Victims of Crime Act, 2015-VA-GX-0058.
3/4 Time Dueling Piano

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Time: 8-10pm
Location: RSVP Event Space  114 E. Amerige Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832

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