Spring 1972 — Reynolda House fashion show! Hats and dresses from the Reynolds and Babcock families as modeled by Claudine Buhler, Susan Enscore, Anita Creakman, Susan Smallwood, and Tammy Tate. From the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel.
The photo shoot from the 1972 fashion show, featuring members of the Reynolds family and former employees including Harvey Miller, spring 1972. Estate Archives.
Coinciding with Reynolda House's second annual Festival of Spring, members of the Reynolds family, Reynolda House docents, and staff at the North Carolina School of the Arts dressed up in some of the family's most beloved garments collected since 1890.

Spearheaded and organized by NCSA faculty member Arthur (Pete) Ballard, this fashion show featured commentary and music on the Aeolian organ. Morning dresses, midday suits, evening gowns, lingerie, and evening gowns that had been collected in the attic were now seen and worn for the first time for the public.
Program information from the Reynolda House fashion show, 1972. Estate Archives.
The fashion show had its roots in a larger initiative constructed by Nancy Reynolds, younger daughter of R.J. and Katharine Reynolds. When Nancy penned a family history in 1970 she wrote in the introduction: "Let us spend a little time and thought on our past that we may understand our present and better command our future... Time passes. Fashions change. Customs alter. Years go by and families grow apart. Let us renew our roots in Patrick County, become close once again, united and strong."
Nancy Reynolds and Pete Ballard discussing the costume collection in 1973. Estate Archives.
With this renewed community interest in the Reynoldses' wardrobe by the family, Nancy Reynolds had the attic in the historic home renovated to properly showcase all of the family's restored garments. Reynolda's costume collection debuted a year later in the spring of 1973 with over 400 articles of clothing, toys, and other ephemera. "You can tell that many of the dresses were worn in a day when ladies had maids," said Pete Ballard at the opening, "It would take a road map to get into some these outfits."
Views of the debut of the Reynolda House costume collection, 1973. Estate Archives.
Today, the costume collection remains an integral part of the Reynolda experience. Browsing hats, shoes, dresses, and suits that belonged to the family helps bring to life the stories oft his place.