May 2021
RMS Robin Tweetings Newsletter
Press PAUSE...
Hello RMS students, families and community members! 

Happy Month of May RMS Families! 
There’s a lot that has transpired in the last month...COVID, vaccines, the Chauvin trial and verdict, other terrible events that directly affected students and staff, changing weather, plus allergy and tax season to name a few.  
These are definitely some difficult and historic times we are witnessing. The stress can cause us to feel weary and lose focus. That’s totally normal and ok, so let’s normalize being stressed and anxious about all of this. Don’t give up... pause if you need to, but don’t give up! You have permission to PRESS PAUSE and EXHALE. HUG YOUR CHILDREN. SPEND TIME AS A FAMILY IN HONEST CONVERSATION. REACH OUT FOR HELP.  
Our students are working hard in person and remotely, and our staff are using every opportunity to have open communication with RMS families. We are here for you and one another, as we know we all have changed with these new experiences. Let us know how we can help. There are also resources and for parents and caregivers on our school and district websites. Be safe, careful and don’t forget to learn something new! 

“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion." - Bell Hooks
Shirrie T. Jackson
Robbinsdale Middle School
Important Dates
For the latest up-to-date information click our online calendar linked above.
May 7: Friday
  • No School

May 31: Monday
  • Memorial Day - No School

June 9: Wednesday
  • Asynchronous Learning day - Last day of school for students

RMS Information
Students attending RMS in person request their Wednesday Meal Bundle in Advisory each Monday.

Students in Distance Learning must request their 5 day meal bundle every week by Friday using this form: Distance Learning Student Meal Bundle Order Form
Distance Learning Meal Bundle Pick up sites and times are:

RMS - Wednesdays 10 a.m. to noon
PMS - Wednesdays 10 a.m. to noon
CHS - Wednesday 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. or 10 a.m. to noon

Questions? Please send us an email at or call us at 763-504-8049.
Students in Madame Gelhar's French Class

Madame Gelhar’s French classes each spring do "Manie Musicale" (March Madness, a bracket but with French songs competing). All 50 states and 11 different countries had schools that participated this year! 

One of the featured musical artists did a live stream on his YouTube specifically for the French students of Manie Musicale and the RMS 8th grade group was able to tune in. He answered questions virtually live and our students chatted with the artist who played a few songs for us at the end. We sent a group photo to the artist and he gave us a shout out during the video and then responded with a thank you!

Students and Staff Support Our Robbinsdale Family at PMS
RMS students demonstrated the IB Learner Profile of CARING by creating a banner for our extended Robbinsdale family at PMS to greet them on their return to their school building. This was a way to share our love, support, and positive thoughts with our friends and colleagues at PMS. Our staff worked with the Cooper football team to provide every PMS staff member and student a welcome back breakfast treat to continue that show of support. 
Student Voice
I just want to share how awesome of a moment it was recently when RMS allowed for students to express themselves during the state-wide walk. Students at RMS were allowed to go out on the turf for a designated period of time, they shared why they came out, talked and engaged with friends and RMS staff, and then ended with a one word close out before returning to class.
We did not take photos of this special moment but supported our students’ with their choice to engage, and allowed for their student voice to be exercised and heard. 
LeVarn Shelby
Office of Achievement and Integration | College and Career Readiness
May 3-6 is Staff Appreciation Week

This first week of May is Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week which is celebrated in schools across the nation. You might take a moment to reach out to your teacher/s or our RMS staff member/s through their email and share a quick message of thanks and appreciation.
Parent Teacher Advisory Committee

RMS Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC) NEEDS YOU!
The RMS PTAC is a wonderful group of parents and teachers who work hard together for our students. We are in desperate need of more parents because our current ones will be transitioning to high school.

In order for our students and staff to continue receiving support from our PTAC, we need more parents to take the baton and keep our wonderful organization viable. I have included our position descriptions below, in hope that you will consider joining and co-sharing some responsibilities. We have short monthly meetings, and really collaborate to share the work! Please help our PTAC. We would like to select new members for positions at our April and May meetings, and look forward to seeing you! 
For more information email Principal Jackson at or our PTAC President (and RMS parent) Christina Skoglund at

Also see information on our website:
Learn more about IB at RMS
Learn more about AVID at RMS
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