September 2018
Most Frequent Loan Purchase Suspense Trends

This month's most frequent loan purchase suspense trends seen are:
  • Copy of the lender's Underwriter Approval with any "at closing" conditions not included
  • Missing Disclosure and Credit Documents
  • Initial Escrow Account Disclosure and Final Closing Disclosure discrepancies
  • DU Findings not run with Special Feature Codes for HFA Preferred and Community Seconds on Conventional Loans
  • UCD Report not run with the final DU case file ID
Funding Schedule Updates

Below is the funding schedule for the remaining 2018 holidays and the first holiday in 2019.

Veteran's Day: 
Friday, 11/12/18
Will have one funding on Friday, 11/16/18
Thursday & Friday, 11/22/18 & 11/23/18
Will have one funding on Wednesday, 11/21/18
Monday & Tuesday, 12/24/18 & 12/25/18
Will have one funding on Friday, 12/28/18
New Year's:       
Tuesday, 01/01/19
Will have one funding on Friday, 1/4/19
Loan Delivery Turn Times & Lender Notices On AHFA & ServiSolutions Websites

We have added currently loan delivery turn times to the AHFA and ServiSolutions websites for your convenience. They will be updated regularly as needed. Find them on the AHFA website at as well as the ServiSolutions website at

We've also added a Lender Notices page on our websites to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news. All emails we send out will be added to the these pages on our websites at and

In case our emails miss you for any reason - they got routed to your junk or spam email folder, you're email box is full and didn't accept the email, or they just got lost in the shuffle - keep these website pages bookmarked and check them regularly.
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