This Month's View From Old Tree House
April 2020

How may I help you?

This is the question I think many of us might be subconsciously wondering when  we aren't doctors or nurses on the front line or employees working in grocery stores or delivering goods to people's homes, all these individuals who are our heroes. How do we help people right now? What can we do?

It's a question I put to my children during our weekly, what we call "Sunday Talk," which is our family's spiritual church; and it's a question to ask of others this week and throughout the duration of this situation.

How may I help you?

This is doing what we can for those of us not on the front lines. 
This is doing what we must. 
For our own personal growth and development, to reach higher, stepping out of our lives to ask others what they might need from us during this time.
Also for each other, to lift our spirits and focus on positivity versus despair.

Here are five ways to offer our help:

Maybe we forward people's singing videos, art work, or other creative, inspirational posts to let individuals know we are seeing them and what they are offering to the rest of us.

Maybe we pay people, still, when they can't clean our homes or do the work they normally would do for us, work they want to be doing, if only they could.

Maybe we call an elderly neighbor to check in and see if they're okay and if they need anything, maybe just to chat for awhile.

Maybe we call an old friend, to laugh about funny times and purposefully keep the vibe high.

Maybe we send daily light during our meditation or prayer time in the morning, knowing that power is far greater than we could ever possibly imagine.

Whatever way you choose, consider asking others how you might help them, f or when you reach higher, we all reach higher.

This is what helps raise the frequency of our world.

All good things,
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Laurie's Coaching Challenge...

There's a lot of noise these days.  There seems to be no shortage of experts telling us how we should best navigate this pandemic, both physically and mentally. 

This is new territory for a human race wired to connect. 

How are we supposed to feel and how should we spend our days while staying inside our homes? 

Does anyone really have the answers?

Laurie McAnaugh is a member of the Old Tree House team and a board certified life coach. Her clients are adults, teens and kids seeking powerful change.

The Sun in motivated Aries most of the month brings renewal & determination.  Mercury joins in this straightforward sign on the 12 th , clarifying communications & situations.  Saturn & Mars in Aquarius inspire us to find new ways of doing things in a changing world.  Aquarius symbolizes collective humanity, technology that unites us & looking to the future.  

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Homeopathy has the only history of rising as the premium healthcare choice during epidemic and pandemic times with less than 1% mortality rates.  Top flu-like-symptom and pneumonia remedies include:  Oscillococcinum("Oscillo"), Arsenicum, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Antimonium-Tart, Aconite, Baptisia, Camphora, Eupatorium-perfoliatum, Influenzinum, China Officinalis, Drosera, Phosporous, Pulsatilla and more.  Often times a repeat(s) of your constitutional remedy is all you need. 
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Seek Stillness
Live every day with Intention.
This is an unsettling time for many right now and it is very important to stay grounded, present and optimistic.  Seek Stillness offers tools such as journals, Intention bracelets and essential oils to use daily as a way to guide you to the intention of your choice.  
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