OCEANS 2016 Conference
This past September, SeaKeepers participated in the OCEANS 2016 Conference in Monterey, CA. Associate Director of Programs, Julienne Beblo, presented SeaKeepers' DISCOVERY Yachts Program in a panel discussion focused on citizen science.  Additionally, she was joined by Kevin Hardy, member of SeaKeepers' Scientific Advisory Council and retired Scripps engineer, to present a paper outlining the creation and accomplishments of the DISCOVERY Yachts Program.  The conference was an ideal opportunity to highlight SeaKeepers' newly created West Coast chapter and partnership with Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
DISCOVERY Yacht Expedition
We partnered with UM's CARTHE to study surface ocean transport aboard D/Y f rom Insetta Boatworks.  

DISCOVERY Yacht Expedition 
SeaKeepers collected water samples for the ASC Global Microplastics Project aboard D/Y Final Final.

Instrument Deployment
SeaKeepers 2016 Awardee Alexander W. Dreyfoos deployed a drifter aboard D/Y Silver Cloud.

Instrument Deployment
SeaKeepers and D/Y Forget About It deployed a drifter in the Gulfstream.

E3 Cuba Experience
SeaKeepers analyzed environmental degradation while promoting outreach in Cuba aboard KAHU with Harmony Yacht Vacations.

Founders' 2016
SeaKeepers would like to thank everyone for making Founders' 2016 such a success!
More than 200 guests enjoyed a spectacular evening at the waterfront home of Host Chairs, Andrew Heller and Tanya Lynn Sabel.  

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Our  Global Yacht Services Partner BWA Yachting leads the way in the Mediterranean this summer as their Croatian Head office actively promoted SeaKeepers' DISCOVERY Yachts Program.
SeaKeepers would like to thank Coconut Grove Bank for their tremendous support towards Founders' 2016 as a valued DISCOVERY Sponsor. 

SeaKeepers Scavenger Hunt at FLIBS
Congratulations to our FLIBS Scavenger Hunt winner, Pamela Springle who won a "pampering spa gift basket" from Elemis. Thank you to all who participated and look out for our next scavenger hunt at the Miami International Boat Show! 
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