How is it mid-March already? In the time that passed since our last newsletter we sent out on Mar 1, we saw spring flowers bloom in the beginning of the month AND we were just hit with a snowstorm. Hopefully it will be just spring weather from here on out. We have some great workshops coming up in March. Hope you can join us!
This Saturday 1PM - 3PM EST: Online Workshop
Take your Tai Chi practice to the next level with our 2-hour workshop dedicated to enhancing your balance on one leg. I will guide you through a series of exercises and movements to improve your core strength, leg stability, and proprioception. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a new student, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your skills and connect with other Tai Chi enthusiasts.

Sign up now for just $25, or subscribe to our Patreon at the Stressbender ($10/month) level or higher to attend for free!
Can't Miss Workshop Less Than 2 Weeks Away!
If you're interested in Tai Chi as a martial art, this is the one workshop of the year you can't afford to miss! Very few Tai Chi instructors in the world have Sifu Randy Brown's expertise in Tai Chi / taijiquan, striking, and grappling. You do not need to participate in the contact drills to gain valuable insights in this workshop.

This is your chance to take your Tai Chi to new heights! During this action-packed 3 hour seminar, you'll join Sifu Randy Brown as he delves into the iconic movements of Yang Style Tai Chi / taijiquan. He'll show you the practical applications and mechanics behind each move, providing hands-on partner work opportunities and in-depth explanation for those who prefer to observe. Regardless of your current skill level, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of Tai Chi movements and forms, as well as practical knowledge you can use immediately. By the end of this workshop, you will gain greater insights and understanding to your Tai Chi movements and forms.

Sunday, March 26, 1PM - 4PM EST. In-person workshop. $95.
Watch Randy's Demo of Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger with Strum Pipa:
New YouTube Video: Reimagine Your Core Workout: Qigong Exercise to Strengthen Your Feet, Glutes and Core
Transform your Tai Chi mobility with a unique approach to core strengthening. Shift your perspective on the core by visualizing an apple's core that runs through your entire center. Discover the last movement of the Ba Duan Jin (Eight Section Brocade) Health Qigong routine, Raising and Lowering Heels, to strengthen your core and feet. Say goodbye to just doing ab exercises and learn how to engage your entire core to boost your Tai Chi practice.
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