Dear New Song Friends and Family,

Usually, it is our custom to reach out at this time of year and invite you to consider contributing to a Christmas bonus for Rex as a way of showing our appreciation for all he does. However, I would like to share with you that this year, Rex reached out to me and asked me to please refrain from doing so this year...that in fact, he would much prefer that if folks feel inspired to give, that they choose to support missions dedicated to helping those in need.

If your heart feels led to give this Christmas season, I'm asking you to please consider contributing to New Song's Couch Outreach program, which we have set up to safely and confidentially help families in need with rent assistance, utility bills, food, etc. as well as support organizations who are providing hands-on aid to individuals and families during the pandemic.

To donate to Couch Outreach through, go to and click the giving tab, or simply click here. In the drop-down menu labeled "Give to," you may choose "Family Help" (a specific fund to assist families we have identified as needing financial assistance) or "Pizza and Hope" (a fund dedicated to supporting community organizations providing hands-on assistance to people in need). Alternatively, you may send a check to 18536 Bridlegate Ln, Wildwood, MO 63069 and write "Couch Outreach" in the memo line.

In years past, I would close out this letter expressing my excitement and joy in worshiping together in our little chapel as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Even though things are different this year, I still feel that sense of wonder and anticipation...and I hope you feel it as well.

Jenny Bosworth
President of the Congregation