This Summer, We're Celebrating Partnerships
Ending global hunger is one of the greatest challenges and
opportunities of our time.
Although the path to a world without hunger is a long one, and the number of manmade disasters in the developing world is increasing, we remain optimistic that we can end hunger in our lifetimes.
Why? Because partnerships make progress possible. We have a variety of partners bringing their unique expertise, resources and passion
to achieve this goal.
This summer, we are excited about the new partnerships we have forged across sectors and are announcing new opportunities for collaboration. Our work together is improving global food security, empowering women and nourishing young minds and bodies.

New Global Partnership with PepsiCo
On June 7, the U.S. Agency for International Development signed a new Memorandum of Understanding that represents a key milestone in the agency’s growing partnership to tackle global hunger through Feed the Future. This collaboration with PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation will promote inclusive growth and market-oriented solutions to address food and water challenges in underserved communities abroad.
Expanding Our University Partnerships
Feed the Future’s Innovation Labs across the United States use cutting-edge science to develop and scale effective tools and technologies that address food and nutrition challenges at home and abroad. Check out the announcements below to learn more about new partnerships that will leverage U.S. universities’ skills and expertise to protect and accelerate progress in an increasingly complex world.

The partnerships are:
WomenConnect Accepting Applications!
The 2019 WomenConnect Challenge is accepting applications for global solutions that bridge the gender digital divide and help women fully participate in the global economy. Have an idea or technology that could help? 
Hot off the Press: The History of Nutrition
We are excited about the recent launch of “Nourishing Lives and Building the Future: The History of Nutrition at USAID,” a resource on
USAID's 50 years of work strengthening nutrition around the world
through efforts like Feed the Future.
In Case You Missed It
Last month, we launched the Uganda Feed the Future Country Plan ,
which outlines how the U.S. Government will work with Uganda to
improve food security and resilience for a healthier and more prosperous
future for Ugandans. 
Congratulations to Simon Groot, who was announced in June as the 2019 World Food Prize Laureate! His lifelong passion for seeds has
transformed the lives of millions of farmers and their families
and is helping end global hunger. 
June was also National Dairy Month in the United States. Thousands of miles away in Rwanda, Feed the Future partners
with local government and businesses to help milk collection centers
expand capacity so no milk goes to waste.
June 7 was the first ever World Food Safety Day . See how Hirut Darere, an entrepreneur in Ethiopia, is bringing safe, high-quality milk to boost nutrition, empower women and transform lives.
USAID's Global Water and Development Report is out! Did you know that
safe water and sanitation can empower women and girls?
USAID WASH investments helped 1.7 million women and girls
gain access to improved water service, and 1.9 million gain access to improved sanitation in 2017. 
Photo Credits: Cover Photo –  Ellie Van Houtte; Global Water and Development – Morgana Wingard for USAID's Development Credit Authority
Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.