Prelude: Greensleeves arr. by Dan Chadburn    _ Sophia Ohanian
Welcome and Call to Worship:_______________ Jessica Morgan
Opening Hymn: We Three Kings _____________) led by Jim Tong
Opening Prayer: __ _______________________ Jessica Morgan
Children's Circle: _________________________ Ross Mitchell_
Community Joys and Concerns:__ __Rev. Dr. Jill Kirchner-Rose
Special Music: I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light by Harlan___
 -----------------------------------------...------Jim Tong & Michael Horton   
Scripture: Matthew 2: 1-12_________________  JJessica Morgan
Message: "Home by Another Way" ____.._.____Dr. Kirchner Rose
Communion Invitation and Prayer---......----Dr. Kirchner Rose
Offertory: Home by Another Way by James Taylor 
Jessica Cosley (Brea Congregational UCC), --- Sophia Ohanian, & Loring Fiske-Phillips
Prayer of Dedication:-________________._____-Jessica Morgan
Closing Hymn: #584 I Am the Light of the World_Led by Jim Tong 
Time of Reflection: Brightest and Best arr. by Shawn Kirchner
Sophia Ohanian

On January 3 we will share together Holy Communion in our online interactive worship. Before the time of the service, you will want to prepare some bread - a slice, a small loaf, a tortilla, a rice cake - a wheat product is not necessary. Let it be something you alone, or your with others in your household, may break and share. Prepare a cup or cups of juice or your choice of wine-with or without alcohol.