June 12, 2019

Friends and fellow disciples,

What a wonderful weekend! So many of you stepped up to help clean up the new land and organize the garage. I'm truly grateful. And then, on Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit blew through the church like on the first Pentecost, and we worshiped God together with our friends from La Nueva Jerusalén. They are a very special congregation, and their friendship is so important to me.

With the school year winding down and graduations happening all around,  we begin to turn our attention to summer. This season begins with a time of great excitement for Westminster as we prepare for the Fellowship Hall Building project. History is about to be made! Last Saturday, we cleaned out the garage and prepared to move everything out of the Fellowship Hall. This coming Sunday, we will vote on the financing needed to take the next big step to build a beautiful and functional new Fellowship Hall that will serve our needs and our community both now and into the future.

The second big thing coming up is Vacation Church School, which will begin on Sunday evening, June 16, at 5:30pm. It'll be fun learning for the whole family, and I hope to see you there!
SUNDAY: Congregational Meeting on Fellowship Hall Project
There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 16 to approve financing for the Fellowship Hall project and begin moving forward with our building plans.

Last month, the Session received and reviewed the reports of the Fellowship Hall Building Committee and Commitment Committee, then voted unanimously to approve the Fellowship Hall project. Thanks to the generosity of this congregation during last year's Capital Campaign, three-quarters of the funding needed for this project has already been raised and secured. Detailed estimates have been prepared by a team of expert architects, engineers, and builders; additional financing will be needed to complete the project. Read more and see the project plans . If you have any questions, Dave Pottenger and Dana Lange will be happy to speak with you.  
Vacation Church School: “Take Me to the Water: God’s Love Flows,” June 16-17-18, 5:30-7:30pm
Stories about water are featured often in the Bible. They not only reflect the refreshment and life that water provides, but also show that God is present and active in our lives. In baptism we refer to the waters of creation, the waters of the flood, the water God’s people passed through into freedom, and the water in which Jesus was baptized. Join us as we delve into a few of these water stories through drama, games, art, and singing at VCS. VCS is for all ages, so bring the family and invite your friends and neighbors. Register now !
Want to be a part of this awesome summer ministry? We are in need of....
  • Crock Pot Cooks to bring crocks of macaroni and cheese for Monday and baked beans for Tuesday
  • Bakers to donate homemade cookies/bars/brownies for each night
  • Kitchen Assistants to help with meal set-up and clean-up on one or more nights

Please let us know if you can help. Contacts : Kristina Gilbert , Dawn Wilcox
Usually around this time of year we begin to see each other a little less, which is okay we're all working on vacations and some much needed time away. I pray that you all can have a little time away from the daily grind with people you love. But, when you're traveling, I encourage you to go to church there, and see what God might be up to. Also, please be sure to maintain your giving over the summer as well, so that we can continue the important work in our community and on our campus that relies on your support. And when you're back in town, stick your head in my office, and tell me all about your adventures!

Peace to you,