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Morning Coffee Inspiration from Pastor Gae

Aloha friends,

How does our Episcopal Church define a “member”? Is being a “member” of a church really all that important? 

As a priest, I used to resist talking about membership in the church. In fact, I didn’t really care about it. It seemed to me to have little significance.
Growing up in the Episcopal Church was very different. Being a member of the church was part of your identity. I was an Episcopalian. My friend Karen was a Baptist. Patti was a Catholic. Each of us were members of a particular church, identified by “I go to...” But then came the mass defection in our Episcopal Church (actually in most all churches). Some of us created a new identity, dropping the “Episcopalian” and instead simply being “Christian.” But along with dropping the old identity came less interest in being a member of a church. My Catholic friends were members, only because they were baptized and on the rolls of their assigned parish. The Episcopal Church considered membership in much the same way as the statistics seemed to have a disproportionate number of members by comparison to Sunday attendance. Our Episcopal Church states that the only criteria for membership is that you be baptized in the church or if you were baptized in another denomination, that you be confirmed in our church. (The problem with that is it created a misunderstanding of what confirmation is all about.) So pretty much all you needed to do was sign up. And, by the way, you were and still are a member until you die or until you decide to go to another church and “transfer” your membership. Few people transfer their membership anymore. They just move on.

It’s no wonder to me that many people show little interest in becoming a member of the church. If it only means putting your name on the rolls, who cares? The downside is the church has become just another cultural object of interest or acquisition where one can participate without much commitment. At times, I wonder what Jesus would have to say about what the church has become. I am reminded of his frustration with the “fence-sitters,” those who couldn’t commit.  

I’ve now shifted by opinion on membership. I think if the Episcopal Church is going to survive, a new understanding of membership in the church is critical. It has to be more than just signing up. I’m not suggesting dues like AAA or needing references to join like many service clubs. I think it must be about restoring the biblical meaning of “covenant.” A covenant isn’t a contract; rather it is a spiritually charged bond between people. Covenant has its roots in scripture. There are at least five or six big ones. God desires God’s people to be committed to God and to each other. Covenants help that process.
Many churches have revitalized covenant in their understanding of membership. The covenant spells out what the church body promises to the individual member and what the member promises to the church body. The spiritual benefits to covenant are really important on the Christian path. It helps us to become less ego-centered. It expands our world with new relationships and new ways of understanding. It makes us more accountable to regular worship, prayer, study and service. It gives us assurance that we are not alone when life gets complicated or difficult. It helps us become a little more vulnerable and not quite so independent. It is definitely counter-cultural and a powerful statement in our no-commit world. 

Below is the covenant outlined on our new membership form. As always, please let me know your thoughts.
Much joy this weekend! God is good! We are blessed!

~Pastor Gae+

NEW! Hildegard Movie Group
This Tuesday, October 8, 2:00-5:00pm
At the home of Rebecca Hullum

Just like all the books on spirituality, there are many great movies that connect with the spiritual journey. So, we decided to form a movie group.

Why the name Hildegard? Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century mystic, visionary, musician, artist and healer. Who better to be the spirit of our group?

This month’s movie is “You Can Heal Your Life,” featuring Louise Hay who authored the 1984 book under the same title. Louise died recently. She too was an amazing visionary and healer. Please email Pastor Gae if you wish to attend or sign up on the walkway this Sunday. Bring a healthy snack to share.

Quiet Morning ~ Introduction to Soul Collage by Maggie Lea
Saturday, October 19, 9:00 am-12:00 noon, includes lunch
Register Now! Limited to 20 participants

A Quiet Morning at Christ Memorial is a mini-spiritual retreat. Our 3-hour silent retreats begin at 9:00am with a Taize-style prayer service, followed by an instruction and practice, and we end with a healthy lunch. There is time built into the morning for meditation, journaling or labyrinth walks.
Our second Quiet Morning is an introduction to Soul Collage with Maggie Lea, licensed Educational & Clinical Psychologist, artist and SoulCollage® practitioner. 

Maggie will share how Soul Collage has assisted her in the journey of self-discovery. We will learn how to create our own “deck of cards” — each collage card representing one aspect of our personality or our Soul. 

There will be time for several readings of our cards to demonstrate how Soul Collage can provide a guidance aspect to our deeper questions of life. All materials are provided. Suggested faith offering: $10

All Quiet Morning are open to the public, and all faith traditions are welcome to join us.
Joy! Joy! Joy!
Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage

Last Saturday, Pastor Gae celebrated the marriage of Ronald Harper and Margaret Ann Edwards (Margie). They live in Sacramento but wanted to get married on Kaua`i. They chose Christ Memorial because Margie is an Episcopalian and… well, in humility, we think it’s because it’s the most precious sanctuary on our island!

The union of husband and wife in heart, body, and mind is intended by God for their mutual joy; for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity.

Bishop’s Committee Meeting Updates

Our Bishop’s Committee is the leadership team of our church. Here are update highlights from last Sunday’s meeting:

  • Review of recommendations from the 2018 audit. The Bishop Committee will work on a new system of counting and deposits.

  • Church financials were reviewed. Pledged income is running behind. Thrift Shop and rental income is up.

  • Children’s Ministry has scheduled a Movie Night on November 29 in the Parish Hall and a Children’s Eucharist on December 15 at 8:00am.

  • Shared Blessing Thrift Shop did a 90-day trial using the Square for credit card use. Income over the same period last year increased significantly. Helen Mitsui recommended continuing to take credit cards.
  • A discernment committee facilitated by Dr. Michael Foley recommended Suzanne Kobayashi continue in the process for ordination to the priesthood. The Bishop’s Committee agreed and will contact the Bishop for the next step.
  • Columbarium agreement for purchasing a niche was reviewed. The engraving will be etched on the covers and small flower vases will be allowed.

  • Suzanne Kobayashi presented a sketch of a possible vicarage for the church. The plan is to locate the vicarage on the grass area next to the sanctuary. It was agreed that housing for a priest is a priority for the future of the church.

  • The Diocese asked if Christ Memorial would be interested in being a test church for Revive, a program by Forward Movement. The Bishop’s Committee was concerned we would not have enough people interested in participating.

  • Rebecca Hullum will be a delegate for Diocesan Convention, joining Pastor Gae and David Akana. Convention is October 25-26.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of our Bishop’s Committee or Pastor Gae.
Bible Study
Every Wednesday 2:00 - 3:15 pm
Meets in Church Office
We are studying the gospel of Mark. This is a study group, not a lecture. We meet on Wednesdays, 2:00-3:15pm in the church office. If you are new to the bible, please come. We’re all beginners! Bring a bible, any translation. 

Men’s Fellowship
Every Monday at 10:00am
Meets at Kilauea Bakery and Pizza (Kong Lung Market Center)
Christ Memorial Men’s Fellowship group is growing!

We meet every Monday morning for coffee or breakfast and discussion at the Kilauea Bakery.

We decided to move the time back to 10:00am, so we hope you will join us!

For more information, see Patrick O’Connell at worship or email him at paoco65@gmail.com
Sunday School Gets Ready for Blessing of the Animals
Every Sunday, 8:00 – 9:00am
Meets in the Church Office

Our Sunday School kids had fun last week getting ready for this week’s Blessing of the Animals and celebration of the life of St. Francis of Assisi by creating animals out of clay. Join our curious group of young student every Sunday 8:00-9:00am. 

For more info, contact Keana keana@ischool.org or Leona lcblankley@aol.com .

Volunteers Needed

Little churches like Christ Memorial depend on every member serving in some capacity. We welcome our seasonal residents to serve too. Here are some of our current needs. Email Pastor Gae if you are interested in learning more! Please note that most of these do not require commitment every week. Volunteers are on a schedule depending on time availability.  

Sunday Morning Hospitality
~Hospitality table after 8:00 am service
~Hospitality table after 9:30am service
~Take down after 9:30 am service 

~Chalice Minister for 8:00 am service
~Altar Guild assistance after 8:00 am service
~Altar Guild clean up after 9:30 am service

 Finance & Office
~Clerk for Bishop’s Committee meetings
~Counters following 9:30 am service
~Christmas mailing preparation (we will do this in late October as a team!)

~Labyrinth care (need a small lawn mower)
~Foster care of a gravesite

  Children’s Ministry
~Assistant teacher 8:00 am service
Helen Mitsui Shared Blessings Thrift Shop News

Halloween is a big celebration on Kaua’i, so the Thrift Shop team is quickly transforming the displays to Fall colors and decor. Shop early for the best selection of Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving decorations. New merchandise will be added weekly. Our customers have so much fun!
Thrift Shop Hours for Shopping and Donations

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 3:00pm
Sunday: closed (fellowship 11am - 12pm)
Monday: closed

Special Ministry of Christ Memorial ~ Open for Prayer
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
Feeling a little overwhelmed with life? Just drop in to Christ Memorial for a little peace and quiet.

One important ministry of Christ Memorial is the opening of our church doors, Monday through Friday, during the day. It’s amazing the number of people who drop in to pray, meditate, or just to seek a few minutes of quiet. Unfortunately fear has crept into many churches. Pastor Gae believes our country would be very different if all churches kept their doors unlocked.

Our Sunday prayer list includes those whom our visitors have asked us to pray.

Live off island? If you have a prayer intention or would like to pray for those on our prayer list, email Pastor Gae at gdchalker@gmail.com .

There is no better investment on planet earth than the church
No other organization has been operating continuously for 2000 years and no other organization will continue to exist throughout eternity. Other organizations are doing good work, but there simply is not any organization with more potential to change the world than the church of Jesus. The church is where lost people are saved, hopeless people find hope, addicted people are set free, broken people are restored, hungry people are fed, and rejected people are accepted and loved. The most beautiful thing about what happens in the church is that God gets the glory for it all, because the church is God’s.

Ways to Support Your Church
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your financial support and generosity allow us to create and enhance the beautiful environment and worship that you and your family enjoy on a weekly basis.

Change to Automated Giving
Thank you to those of you who automate your giving and have a plan to support your church. Your consistent, planned generosity makes it possible for us to budget and dream responsibly. Want to change to automated giving? It makes life easy, especially if you travel. Contact our Treasurer Scott Oliver for information at j.scott.oliver380@gmail.com .
Thank you to all of you who still like to write checks. Please make checks payable to Christ Memorial Episcopal Church and mail to PO Box 293, Kilauea, HI 96754.

Through the decades, many have given stock to Christ Memorial, enabling us to be a consistent presence in Kilauea. For more information on contributing stock, contact Scott Oliver at j.scott.oliver380@gmail.com.

Sharing our Property for Support and Recovery Groups
Christ Memorial wants to be known in the community as a healing place for the body, mind and spirit. We are seeking support and recovery groups to meet on the property, either in the Parish Hall or the Office. If you know of a group looking for a place to meet: grief support, eating disorders, anxiety, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, etc., please tell them to contact us.

If you know of a group looking for a place to meet: grief support, eating disorders, anxiety, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, etc., please tell them to contact Pastor Gae.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups meet at Christ Memorial Parish Hall every week on these days and times:

  • Tuesday at 10:00 am
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7:30 pm
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