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Our new church year begins this Sunday with Ingathering, and is followed by our All Ages Playdate, featuring games, refreshments, and photo booths.

September 18, 11:45am
What if I told you I'm gay?
Join Rev. Jennifer alongside other parents and caregivers to share experiences, ask questions, and reflect on your beliefs on Answering the Big Questions.

September 18, 3:30pm
Yes, it's about sex.
But it's also about relationships, health, decision-making, justice, self-esteem, and so much more. Parents of senior youth are encouraged to attend this Our Whole Lives orientation session. 
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Coming This Fall 
Let's invite everyone in. 
The Here for Good Team and the Member Services Committee of the Board will be hosting an Open House, featuring our renovated Sanctuary and Gathering Room, live music, and refreshments.
October 2, 10:30am
Fur, feathers, scales, stuffing
All are welcomed for Rosh Hashanah, the world's birthday, and to celebrate the Blessing of the Animals as part of a special worship service. 
It's here: Ingathering is this Sunday, September 11 at 10:30am. We'll be entering our new space together, rain or shine - so bring an umbrella if needed!

Religious education programming starts next Sunday, September 18, 2016. And with our new church year comes new programming opportunities and some updates to the familiar. Check out everything that's beginning this Fall:
We've got two things brewing when it comes to coffee hour this year:

Working  togethe r, all First Universalist groups and committees will be hosting coffee hour. Twice per year, your group will make the coffee, set out the mugs and the treats, and clean up. Look for a poster on coffee hour instructions arriving soon!

2. Our blue mugs are changing colors - and meanings! Now, if you're a friendly member who would enjoy chatting with someone new, you'll take one of the newly colored mugs so that newcomers can approach you to connect and ask questions. 
Please note: Rev. Jennifer's email address has changed! 

Want to make an appointment with 
Rev. Jennifer? Have questions about children's programming? Need to check when the office will be open?
If you are experiencing a crisis, including needing a hospital visit, you may call Rev. Jennifer on her cellphone: 207.356.1467 any time. Please note that Friday and Saturdays are typically her days off - Rev. Jennifer does not check email on these days, but will answer any crisis or emergency calls.

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