February 6 2019
What story are you telling this week? 


Last Sunday we talked about "I Think" and the idea that our thoughts are an out-picturing of the divine creative process we refer to as "logos".  "In principle", as Eric Butterworth says in the correct translation of the opening of the Gospel of John, "was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".  

Thoughts are strands in the web of connectedness as we live and move in Divine Mind.  Thoughts may arise from the well of the Divine or from the basket of ego.  We choose how we shape our thoughts.  We have the power to reflect on what is thinking the thoughts.  Is it flowing in resonance with my divinity or is it a reaction to outside stimulus that comes from my human experience?  The human brain has a difficult time telling the difference between reality and what is vividly imagined.  Your brain believes the story you tell it!

As our body incorporates the feelings and beliefs of the story we tell, we have the power to direct our experience.  Would you like to experience greater confidence, greater peace, and greater love?  Begin to write that story.  You are a magnificent creation with the infinite creativity of your Creator. You have the power to express the divine qualities you choose from moment to moment, day to day.  Your body resonates with joy, love and health.  You are here to shine a light into the world that no one else has.  

This week I invite you to notice the story you are telling yourself.  Notice where the thoughts seem to arise--from your divinity or your human reactions.  CHOOSE the story you want to embody.  

Reverend Joy
Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 02/06/2019

Thursday 02/07
7pm: Choir Practice

Friday 02/08
Office Closed

Sat 02/09

Sun 02/10
10am:  Guest David Roth: Message In Music 
11:45am: Affirmative Prayer Overview

5:30pm: CoDA Step Study*
7pm:  CoDA*

Mon 02/11
Office Closed 

Tuesday 02/12
7:00pm: ULV Board of Trustees

* indicates non-Unity event

To listen to Rev Joy's sermon from 2/03/2019,  "I Think", please click on the link.  
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David Roth: Service in Song!
Sunday, Feb 10th 

Before his concert at Godfrey Daniels with Anne Hill, David Roth will share his Service in Song with us at Unity of Lehigh Valley.  No tickets, no cover charge.  Feel the love as David rocks the house.  A great time to invite friends to experience a "different" way of doing church!  

For tickets to Godfrey Daniels concert with Anne Hills that evening, CLICK HERE

Sweatshirts are Here!  

Your sweatshirt orders are in!  
Pick up your sweatshirt order this Sunday from Rev Joy's office from 9:30 to 10 am and after service.  
Or you can pick up your sweatshirt from the church office during regular office hours, Tues-Thur, 8:30am to 3pm.  

Hello!  We're glad you're here!

You may have noticed a basket of name tags on the back table and people wearing their ULV name tags on Sunday.  YOU can get your name tag NOW!  
Name tags are $10 each.  To order YOUR NAME TAG, just fill out how you'd like your name to appear on the sheet at the back table and give Karen the Office Administrator or Rev Joy your payment.  It is fun to greet each other by name!  All funds benefit ULV.   

Mary's Sweet Fundraiser!

Mary Driesbach who does our cleaning has made some chocolate heart pops as a Hearts4Hearts fundraiser for organizations in the Lehigh Valley who provide resources for victims of human trafficking.  

Priced at just $1 each they are a sweet token of friendship and appreciation during this month of love.  All donations go directly to the resource organizations.   

March 31st through April 14th
Winners announced at Palm Sunday brunch

This is an opportunity to GIVE and to RECEIVE!!

Sign up sheets are available at church beginning Feb 3rd for your donation of a service (like driving someone to the airport and picking them up), an item (like a piece of jewelry or art) or an experience (like tickets to a sporting event or hosting a limited number of guests for dinner at your house).  Once we've gathered all the items, you will have an opportunity to receive by sealed bidding on your favorite item or signing up and paying for your favorite experience.  Questions or ideas may be directed to the Auction Committee: Jeanette Egan, Eva Burkhart, Jeanne Shipe and Ginny Stanglein.  

Ready for a new Beginning?  New member classes are underway.

The tentative schedule is below but let Reverend Joy know if this schedule won't work for you and you are interested in membership. 

Feb 10: Affirmative Prayer
Feb 24: Positive Communication
Mar 10:  Prosperity
Mar 24:  Welcome to ULV

Please sign-up so we have materials.  No text or fees for these classes.

Call It All Joy
Class began Feb 3rd

  • Journaling
  • Group Discussions 
  • Interactive

This class is based on the book "I of the Storm": Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons. You will learn about the four winds of conflict, and use proven methods to resolve conflicts in groups, families and individuals. Are you ready to count it all joy? Join us! It doesn't matter if you are a member or new to Unity
Facilitator: Rev. Sandra Haase
Love offering: $10 for each class
You can purchase the book on Amazon.com or shop.unityonline.org and you need a notebook or a journal.
Dates and Times:
Sunday, February 3, 2019 (12:00pm-2:00pm)
Saturday, Febuary 16, 2019 (10:00am-12:00pm)***  Please note Saturday session
Sunday, February 24, 2019 (12:00pm-2:00pm)
Sunday, March 10, 2019 (12:00pm-2:00pm)

2019 Annual Women's Retreat - Dewey Beach

The deposit of $80 is due by Feb 10th  If you have any questions, you can call or text Ginny at 610-217-8827.  

What are you grateful for? 

Thank you to Eva Burkhart for cleaning out the kitchen fridge.  Sometimes it is just the little things that make it all work!

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office: unitylv@rcn.com   

Feb 17th: 2019 Annual Meeting

April 7th: Answer the Muse, guest musicians in the service followed by a concert/workshop   For an introduction to this exciting group CLICK HERE

April 14th:  Palm Sunday Brunch

This Saturday, February 9th! 

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute has a new series of classes called "Spiritual Explorers" .  Online and brief, these are opportunities to expand, explore and grow.  Topics like "Good Grief", "Prosperity 4U" and "Introduction to the Enneagram" allow you find new perspectives.  For more information and registration, CLICK HERE  

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
Check out the many activities including the NEW ART Series beginning this Thursday.  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE   The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  

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