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November 24, 2020    
 Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week     
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Second Sunday in November
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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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This Sunday, November 29th, at 10:30 AM
     Stealing Second Base    
...with Guest Speaker Mark Bernstein
Thanksgiving Week 2020

A lay-led Service coordinated by Amanda Mangiardi with Guest Speaker Mark Bernstein.

"A meaningful life requires that we sometimes work without a net - that we take risks in order to reap rewards. This applies not only to us as individuals, but to congregations as well. Why is it so hard to let go and how can our Unitarian Universalist faith help us to journey into the unknown?"

Happy Thanksgiving!  See you in church next Sunday!

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse
Rev. Cathy Harrington, Interim Minister

Sunday morning's Order of Service
will be posted, if avail., later in the week.
Click on the link below to join the Service: 
The Meeting ID is 879 9782 0177


Sunday Services are automatically recorded and posted to our Zoom account.  Click here to view the Service of November 2222 if you missed it and/or would like to re-view! A passcode is required, that code is 1#hXv*fq


Thank you all; you have generously donated so as to raise significant contributions to "Turkeys for All" and our work at Safe harbor. 

A happy Thanksgiving to all!



- from Claire Crandell - 

Our theme was Thanksgiving! We looked briefly at the history of Thanksgiving, talked about what being culturally appropriate means, what are ways we and our families celebrate Thanksgiving (special foods, traditions, etc), and how we can incorporate being "Thankful" into our daily lives.

After a brief meditation, we looked at the history of Thanksgiving introduced by Abraham Lincoln who used the theme of Pilgrims and Indians eating happily together because he was trying to calm things down during the Civil War when people were divided. Historically Native Americans (or Indigenous people or First Nations) have celebrated being thankful at many different times during the year with various ceremonies pertaining to their cultural or tribal traditions.

We talked about the difference between "cultural appropriation" and "cultural appreciation" We also talked about being thankful and how many humans who recognize a greater spirit than themselves, say "Thank you" in some formal way or tradition. We each shared some ways our families had or do celebrate Thanksgiving.
We have been talking about "Healing" as a major theme this month (healing others- ask first how can I help you?) and healing ourselves. We shared some comforting ways that we "heal ourselves" or make ourselves feel better when we are sad, sick or just need comfort such as hot chocolate, warm blanket, favorite music or book or a cuddle with your sweet pet.

Last we shared the following poem about how we might make EACH DAY a celebration or "fiesta":

"the invitation is...
to make each day of our life,
a fiesta, a party 
a constant joy!
Every time we wake up-
it's the beginning of this party!
How we receive the day,
how we receive the first meal,
how we do our chores-
these are all a continuation of our party."
-Don Alberto Taxo

We were all VERY THANKFUL to have spent time together today and wish others a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving EVERY DAY!!


- from Renée Russell

I wish you and your loved ones a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving. Please enjoy these beautiful musical offerings from our Thanksgiving service: Thanksgiving Song sung by our Virtual Ensemble and Barbara Young's beautiful prelude.

And a gentle reminder that there is no VE rehearsal this Thursday but there will be a special Monday rehearsal on Nov. 30th at 7pm. 


UUCGT Calendar - Stay Up to Date!

The UUCGT.ORG calendar is HERE. I do not know which regular events are occurring and which are not (the Ministerial Search Team will NOT have met at the usual time yesterday, just in case you were wondering).  Please check with your chair or host!

Below are the Zoom links for the Services Friday night and Sunday morning:

Friday, November 27
1:00 PM
   Zoom rehearsal for Sunday Service
8:00 PM
  Yes, there will be a Friday Evening Vespers Service!
   Rev. Cathy will likely be leading from Ludington - please join us beginning at 7:30.

Sunday, November 29
9:30 AM
   Zoom link for Sunday Service
   Join here (earlier time!): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87997820177
   The Meeting ID is 879 9782 0177

Monday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 2...
   Ministerial Search Team re-convenes on Monday, Sunday Services Committee and/or
   Coordinators on Tuesday as per usual!  Most other Committees and groups will resume
   their regular schedules; check with your chair or host!  Your regular Flash will return on 
  Thursday, December 3!

Bulletin Board
As most of you know:  As per new stay-at-home directives, I'll be working remotely beginning Friday, Nov 20 until further notice.  The building will not be available or unlocked except for the front vestibule where you can still leave a donation and pick up a new mask - our holiday looks are now available! - or leave food on the SAFE HARBOR table.

I will call in to collect voicemails from the office line but probably not frequently.  Please call my cell, 231-735-0180, if you need to reach me, especially if it's urgent.  

If you need entrance into the building for any reason, please call me and I can arrange to be here to let you in, or I can provide a key code with which to unlock the inner vestibule doors.
I will be unavailable mid-Wednesday Nov 26 through Monday Nov 30.

Thank you all, and happy Thanksgiving!


Chris Lautz continues to offer ZOOM HELP!  Please, take her up on it!  Especially if you're a chair and/or host.  I'll give you and me some confidence and peace of mind. 

Here's what Chris is offering:

"Given up trying to attend Friday Vespers or Sunday Services because of that blasted ZOOM program, your computer or both?  We have UU members who would be willing to come to your home and help you get set up, so you can attend and participate with our UU community."

Please call or send an email to Chris Lautz  860-884-7741 or chrislautz7777@gmail.com.

The Wednesday dinner group has tried to stay connected these past months, socially distanced picnicking in the UU parking lot when we could, on ZOOM when it was rainy.  We meet weekly via ZOOM now, 5:30 every Wednesday.  If you would like to join us, contact Mike and Sandra McDonald for the ZOOM invite.  You may bring your glass of wine.


End Note:
      "For me, every hour is grace. And I feel
       gratitude in my heart each time I can
       meet someone and look at his or her

                            - Elie Wiesel -


Most of the UUCGT building is closed until further notice.
with any questions or concerns.

Contact Rev. Cathy at revharrington@mac.com
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