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Dear Friends!   

I really hope that you will join me in worship in the coming weeks for a churchwide study and worship emphasis titled  Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity . We live in a society that tells us "you deserve it now," whether or not we can afford it or really even need it.
I'm sure we've all struggled with these issues at one time or another. I know that I have. Beginning this Sunday, we are going to explore what the Bible teaches us about financial management. We'll look at what others have learned by working through financial challenges. Each week I'll be providing you with some tools you can use to assess your financial situation and develop a financial plan with a biblical foundation.
These are important issues that we cannot ignore. I hope you will join me as we look at how we can manage our financial resources and truly experience that God is "Enough."

                          Peace To You,

                          Pastor Cory


*Commission on a Way Forward                                                  
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Enough Enough

Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity
On Sunday, January 13, we will begin a church-wide study and worship emphasis called  Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity . Over a period of 5 weeks, we will look at some of the financial challenges facing us as a nation and examine our own spending, saving, and giving habits. In addition to exploring biblical principles of financial management, we will learn ways to assess our financial situation and develop a financial plan that will allow us to experience the true joy that comes through simplicity and generosity. 
At the end of the emphasis, we will have the opportunity to make personal commitments of giving for the coming year. We will consecrate these commitments on Sunday, February 10, and Sunday, February 17th. Visit our website for more information, including details about small group study opportunities during this time.

Help us celebrate 
Martin Luther King Day of Service by replenishing our Backpacks on a Mission pantry for local students.

Here is our list of needs:

Peanut Butter (plastic) 18oz                                  Jelly assorted (plastic) 20oz
Chewy Granola bars                                               Snack Pack pudding assorted
Instant Oatmeal-variety packages                         Breakfast Bars - variety
Canned or Cups Ravioli of Mac and Cheese        Individual packages chips/cookies
Individual PB or Cheese crackers                         Individual cups of fruit or applesauce
Cereal, assorted small boxes                                Fruit Snacks, individual
Peanuts, individual bags                                        Sweet and Salty, individual
Slim Jims                                                                 Goldfish
Soup, small cans                                                     Tuna packed in water or salad snack


Sunday, January 27, 2019
All donors will receive a 
FREE OneBlood Long Sleeve T-Shirt
A Wellness checkup, blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse, and cholesterol screening!


Jesus commanded that we follow him. Making Jesus first doesn't happen by accident. Have you thought about how you are following Jesus?
We want to help one another become followers of Jesus. 

If you are looking for a next step in journey of faith 
If you are interested in Joining the Church

Join us Sunday February 3rd Sunday at 12:30-1:30 
after church and I will share with you ways to get started on that journey. 



Are you  Interested in participating in leadership in our church:
We are looking for leaders in different areas

1. Trustees: 
The trustees is a group of women and men who work together to discern what the physical needs the church property can provide to help enable an environment that helps us make disciples of Jesus Christ. We meet monthly to:

  • Determine how best to use our facility
  • make sure everything is up to date and functioning properly
  • create policies for use with outside groups
  • implement practices that ensure a welcoming environment
  • keep up to date policies, insurances, warranties, etc
The chair of this committee will work closely with the pastor and other committee chairs and will be responsible for organizing the monthly or bi-monthly meetings.

If you are interested please email pastor cory at

2. Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
This committee work with a team that is designed to work with the pastor and staff and their relationship with the congregation. We:

  • Work with staff to set goals and evaluation metrics
  • look at the needs of the congregation and community to help determine future staffing needs
  • help to create an environment in which staff can grow in skill in helping to equip the congregation in their walk with God
  • Design health practices of communication with staff and congregation
We meet bi-monthly to monthly. If you are interested please email pastor cory at

Finance Committee:

The finance committee 
  • oversees the church budget, 
  • balances the budget, 
  • works with communicating financial needs to the congregation
  • communicates with staff and ministry committees practices and policies for spending.
  • creates policies and practices for counting, designating, depositing, collecting, and distributing church monies.
We meet bi-monthly. If you are interested please email pastor cory at


Uganda Ministries

Uganda Mission 2018
Uganda Mission 2018

We have developed a wonderful relationship with Mbale Women's Christian Ministry over the past year. 

 Mbale Christian Women Ministries (MWCM)is a Non-Governmental Organization based in the Republic of Uganda, MWCM is a non-profit, interdenominational organization started in 1995 by Christian women, with the aim of working together to fulfill the great commission cited in Matthew 28:19. The organization is registered with the Government of Uganda and Uganda Allied Medical Professionals.  
MISSION -  To promote the gospel of Christ, strengthening diversity of women and communities through sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God, teaching, discipling and social action.

Our very own Christine Koolo, one of the founders of this ministry, is from Uganda and led by a calling from God, returned to her home in Mbale, Uganda last year to lead ministries she began several years ago.

This ministry is responsible for
Planting New Churches
Creating Medical Outreach
Care of widows and orphans

This is not a large ministry, but it is a powerful one. Through your support last year, we were able to bring aid to 100's of people. Many gave their life to Jesus, many were given life support through our seed ministry, many were given access to needed medications and many found a new zest for following Jesus. We were also able to help revitalize those Ugandan's who are running these ministries.

This year we are taking a next step in our work with them.
In cooperation with Mission Smiles International we are taking a team of Dentist and Hygienist to administer dental work with those in the Mbale area and to train the Ugandan Nurses there how to do hygiene work. We will be taking Hygiene kits that we will leave with them so that they can continue the work of aid once we are gone.
We will also be doing eye testing and taking 250 pairs of glasses and eye kits so they can continue that work as well.

The availability and affordability of eye care and dental care is not common in Uganda. I am so proud of what we are doing especially that we are able to come along side those doing work there already and bring them tools to expand their ministry. We are able to make a profound impact on these communities. You are doing great work in the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to help, we are looking for donations.

  • The glass kit, for 250 glasses is $325
  • Hygiene Kit to continue hygiene work after we are gone: $1250
General Needs
  • Seed for Widows ministry      Beans $1 kg   Maize $5 kg                                          (this seed can help support for a year) 
  • Laptop Computer                                                                                                     (for communication, accounting, fliers, etc. They need something they can use for internet and word processing and that is reliable.)
  • Bibles  $10 a Bible  (these are purchased in their language in Uganda)
  • Medical Outreach  $600 treats over 100 people with medicine



Commission on a Way Forward forward

(updated from last week)

Tuesday February 5 from 6:30-8
Pastor Cory will lead a discussion group around what is happening in the denomination regarding the Commission on a Way Forward and the upcoming General Conference. If you are interested in the information below, this will be a good meeting to attend.

As you are well aware, human sexuality has been a major point of conversation in our world. The ideas we have about it, deeply held beliefs, how to have conversations about it, are changing rapidly. This is not only changing in the secular world, but within churches as well. We have watched splits happen in mainline denominations like the Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Lutheran Churches. You may have been wondering what is happening in the United Methodist Church.

For those that don't know, first let me explain that our United Methodist Church (UMC) is connected to every UMC in the world. We have a large system that is broken down into regional leadership. There are many different conferences that are overseen by Bishops. Ours is the Florida United Methodist Conference which runs from the North West of Florida just past Tallahassee to the East Coast and down to the Florida Keys. We have one Bishop, Rev. Ken Carter, and 8 Districts. Our District is the Gulf Central District. Each District has a Superintendent. Ours is Rev. Candice Lewis. As a conference we manage polity that relates to our churches, but we are subject to a larger polity that governs the whole of the UMC around the world. It is much the same as State Governments relationship with Federal Government. 

Our polity, or constitution if you will, is called the United Methodist Book of Discipline. Within it are statements of beliefs and procedures for running the church and living out our call to make disciples. To change the language takes voting that is done every 4 years and must be accomplished by a strong majority. I will list links at the end of this for further information.

One of the constant issues up for vote has been the UMC stance on LGBTQ membership and ordination. Right now as it stands, the UMC views all people as those of sacred worth. All are welcome to join the UMC and participate in its worship and leadership at the discretion of the pastor and the local church body. Our church holds that same view. However, where the line is currently drawn in the UMC is on whether or not a person who is LGBTQ can become a minister in the UMC and if pastors can perform same sex weddings. As of now we can participate but not perform.

The issues are not simple. The language is not simple. The emotions are not simple. We as a UMC are wrestling with interpretation of scripture, understanding of sexuality, and the very sacred practice of recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit in all people.

At the last General Conference (2016, held every 4 years) we decided to appoint a commission to explore ways to move forward as a denomination on this subject. The commission is called A Commission on a Way Forward. Comprised of a very diverse group, they met over the past 2 years and have offered a few alternatives to be presented at a special called Conference in February 2019.

In preparation for that conference, which is comprised of delegates from every UMC conference around the world, I wanted to provide you with some information to help understand this conversation better. I am attaching several links that I encourage you to explore and read and watch.

Please be in prayer for the leadership in the United Methodist Church as well as for me, your pastor, as we seek God's direction in all these matters.

Here are some helpful links:

Special Session of The General Conference: click here
Information on A WAY FORWARD:  click here

Within these links you will find links to so much more. Please explore and if you have questions, don't assume, ask and feel free to email pastor Cory at 
B.E.L.L.S Bells
The B.E.L.L.S Challenge
The Goal of our faith is not to simply learn about what Jesus did. We are not called to be 
admirers, but followers. How are you following Jesus?
The purpose of the church is to "alert others to universal reign of God through Jesus Christ"(*) We do this through through our word s and actions. If we believe that the ultimate reign of God in heaven will be one of justice, generosity, community, peace, reconciliation,  forgiveness and so on, then we ought to be living lives that reflect that Kingdom. Below you will find 5 practices that will help you live a life that follows Jesus. Look them over and give it a shot. 

B:    Bless: I will bless three people this week, at least one of whom is not a                                  member of my faith community.
E:    Eat:     I will eat with three people this week, at least one of whom is not a                                 member of my faith community.
L:    Liste:  I will spend at least one period of the week listening for the Holy                                     Spirits voice.
L:    Learn: I will spend at least one period of the week learning about Jesus.                                  (read the Gospels, read books about Jesus, etc.)
S:    Sent:  We are a 'sent' people by God, I will journal the ways in which I                                      alerted others to God's reign through actions and words as well as                                opportunities missed, so as to grow in the image of Jesus.

* This quote and these ideas are fully explored in Michael Frost's book "Surprise the World"



How's your faith nourishment? 



Are you communicating with Jesus?

Reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, in a small group with friends, living your faith in community?



Here is your Prayer/Scripture challenge


Scripture Challenge

The Book of Ephesians

  1. Pray the A.C.T.S prayer
    1. Adoration: acknowledging God's greatness
    2. Confession: confess your sins to Jesus
    3. Thanksgiving: Give thanks to God
    4. Supplication: ask for God's provision for you and others
  2. Pray: Jesus, reveal your word for me this day.
  3. Read one chapter of Ephesians
  4. Note: What verse spoke to you
  5. Note: What does this look like in your life?
  6. Pray: Lord help me live our your word today and show me how to be a part of what you love.
When reading scripture it is good to take your time and absorb it. It is challenging and sometimes confusing. Allow yourself room to be ok with not mastering it in one sitting. Write down your questions, challenge yourself, and allow God to work through the pages.

Read Scripture  (this is a scripture reading plan I have followed for almost two years now)
Get involved  in helping the community


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