It's a bird.. It's a plane... It's Super Sunday !

Every time a super hero supports the Federation this Super Sunday, they are uplifting an entire Jewish community from the clutches of darkness. Your heroic act of kindness supports services and opportunities for everyone, from the youngest PJ Librarian to the Bubbe who remembers when...

Anyone can be a hero this Super Sunday!

Make the call : Volunteer with fellow community members here at the Jewish Federation, this Super Sunday. RSVP by calling our office at (574)-233-1164.

Answer the call : On Sunday, December 16th be ready to accept the call from our federation.

Give generously : Whether it's a smile, a kind gesture, or a donation to this great cause, giving has no limit.

On Sunday, December 16th,
answer the call to justice!

If you would prefer not to be called on Super Sunday, you can make your pledge today by going to our website at . You can also call us at 574-233-1164, or stop by our Federation during regular business hours.

2019 Campaign Pledges are not due until December 31, 2019 and are tax deductible in the year they are paid.