Thanksgiving 2016 Newsletter

   Toast Your Host on Thanksgiving Day
Whether hosting your own Thanksgiving feast or guesting a Thanksgiving with relatives or friends, everyone can agree it takes a tremendous amount of effort to pull it all together. As Thanksgiving has become quite the coveted holiday, hosts begin formulating their invitations weeks, months in advance to get a jump start on their competitors. Read more
Thanksgiving with Family - Can't We All Just Get Along?
What is it about the holidays that sends most families running for the hills? Rather than feeling like an uplifting experience that we look forward to, holidays tend to feel more like a doom and gloom sentence that we have to endure, but not without a good dose of mind-numbing substances to help get us through. The real truth of the matter is everyone really does want to get along and have a pleasant and peaceful Thanksgiving.  Read  more
   Glamorous at Thanksgiving - Why It's Important to Dress More Than Your Turkey
There's nothing worse than showing up to an affair in elegant attire and discovering that the rest of the guests never got the memo. Regardless of whether a dress code is mentioned, common sense dictates that if someone has gone to the trouble of slaving all day in the kitchen to prepare a fabulous meal, then guests should pay their respects by arriving specially clothed for the occasion. Read more.

For the past couple of months, I have been slowly reading and savoring The Gratitude Diaries byJanice Kaplan. The former editor-in-chief of Parade Magazine spent a year living gratefully and researching the effects of gratefulness on such key areas as marriage, family life, work, and health.  Her discoveries are transformational and I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in doing some simple soul searching this season. 

On Thanksgiving I invite you to apply what I am calling the 3 "G's" and make them - more than the meal - the focus of your Thanksgiving menu.

While taking a personal look at the last eleven months, I am filled with gratitude for my amazing clients of all ages who continue to take an interest in manners and this invaluable education. I am enormously thankful to my venues: The Beverly Wilshire, Soho House, Au Fudge, Flemings Steakhouse, and Bedford & Burns for hosting my programs and classes in their beautiful establishments. I am immensely grateful for my health, my loving family, and my wonderful friends all of which play an integral part in my happiness. And in a world where civility seems to be taking a backseat, I will continue my mission to move us all towards the alter of grace.  

As you go around the table and share with your family and friends, take the time to express your true gratitude and be graceful as you acknowledge the special people in your life. Trust me - you will be grateful you did.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Minding Your Holiday Manners for Kids
Saturday, December 10th 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Tis the season for putting a little sparkle on your children's holiday manners. Bonding with family, sharing in special activities, and being charitable makes this season the perfect training ground for optimum behavior. Join us for a fun-filled workshop where kids learn about tolerance, respect, and gratitude through the lens of the holiday season. Click here to register. Spaces are quickly filling up!
Stress-Free Holidays at Soho House
Thursday, December 8th 1:00pm to 2:00pm
For members of Soho House, this masterclass will have you not only surviving the holiday season, but thriving with patience and grace. From how to successfully navigate the holiday office party and the requisite family get-together, to managing the holiday gifting and tipping extravaganza and shopping without dropping. For reservations, contact or call 310.276.9078.
Let's Dance Cotillion Series January-May 2017
Beverly Wilshire - A Four Seasons Hotel
Beverly Wilshire Hotel
January is around the corner. Join us for this fabulous 5-part series combining ballroom dance and etiquette instruction. Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly and interactive approach provides boys and girls with the social and communication tools to present themselves confidently in every situation. Contact 310.276.9078 or click here to register now.