Tuesday, December 2, 7:00 p.m.
City Council Room, City Hall
(Public comment period is shortly after meeting starts)


Commissioner Mathiesen has stepped up to help. He is taking action at the next City Council meeting to protect Saratoga Springs' Greenbelt! Please support his resolution.

Once our greenbelt is gone, it is gone forever.


Commissioner Mathiesen's proposed resolution is simple--it would prohibit PUDs in the greenbelt. It would say clearly that the City Council, the people's representatives, have heard the community and respect our desire to maintain a "City in the Country".


This is a new opportunity to defend the greenbelt from inappropriate development.


The latest Comprehensive Plan Committee vote (7 to 6) to allow "Planned Unit Developments" (PUDs) in the City's outer rural area would:

  • open the door for commercial and high density development in the greenbelt
  • weaken and reverse long-standing and hard-won protection of the greenbelt
  • undo key Zoning Ordinance provisions that protect the greenbelt
  • ignore strong public sentiment

Please support Commissioner Mathiesen's resolution and urge the other Council members to vote for it! If you can't attend and speak out, PLEASE EMAIL the City Council members and their Deputies. (Click here for contact info.) 


There is an effort to convince the City Council that WE DON'T CARE, that those wanting to protect the City's rural areas are just a small minority. Let's prove them wrong!


Reminder: Sustainable Saratoga's BYOBag Saratoga will do a presentation to the City Council at the same City Council meeting, December 2, 7:00 p.m. All are encouraged to attend!



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