This Valentine's Day we wanted to offer some encouraging words and resources that are designed to help couples who are affected by prostate cancer to maintain their intimacy after treatment:

"As we celebrate Valentine's Day 2020, we are reminded of the amazing role love plays in our lives. Love and belonging are basic human needs and each of us require connection to other human beings. Intimacy in our loving relationship is about communication on all levels and deep connection. Going through a prostate cancer diagnoses and treatment can be very challenging for a couple and can also deepen the relationship. Take time this year to celebrate all that you are to each other and everything you have done to support and hold each other up throughout the journey with prostate cancer and your relationship."  
Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh
Board Certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Board Certified Sexuality
Counselor, Director of Sexual Health at NorthShore University HealthSystem and at Jesse Brown VA
Medical Center, and member of the Us TOO Board of Directors

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