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April 2, 2018
The World Needs What We Know
Amy Greene
In just a little more than five weeks, we will be gathering in Atlanta for our annual conference. This promises to be a game-changing kind of conference. After a few years of reflecting as an association, evaluating our options and preparing for our future, we will finally come together under our new governance structure and brand. We have done the hard work and set our direction so now it is time for us to proclaim, The World Needs What We Know. 

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As-salāmu ʿalaykum! Greetings from the Association of Muslim Chaplains!
ACPE Certified Educator Tahara Akmal served as one of several leaders at the recent Association of Muslim Chaplains annual Shura, hosted by Yale Divinity School. Trace Haythorn also attended, bringing greetings from ACPE and sharing in workshop leadership. While a relatively new organization, we are delighted to support the AMC as they grow. It will be difficult to find more gracious hospitality, such deep devotion, and so learned a community grounded in their faith and eager to share in the larger multi-faith conversation. 
Pictured from left to right: Imam Dr. Salahuddin M. Muhammad (D.Min), Association of Muslim Chaplains President, Tahara Akmal, Certified Educator, Trace Haythorn, ACPE Executive Director 
Did You Know?
Did you know that the ACPE newsletter is archived on our website dated back to 2009?

You can find all the back issues of the newsletter, Monday Briefing and This Week @ ACPE. 

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In Case You Missed It
Call for Accreditation Site Team Chairs
If you have experience with ACPE accreditation reviews and enjoy the accreditation process, the Accreditation Commission invites you to consider serving as a National Site Team Chair (NSTC).  The NSTC takes primary responsibility for the organization and work of site teams that conduct Ten Year Reviews and other site visits.  

We are looking for educators who are good communicators with organizational skills and who are collegial and collaborative leaders.  

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New Certification Process Q & A 
Do you have questions about the New Certification Process? Join us for a small group Q & A session to be held via Zoom Video Conference. A webcam is preferable for the session so we can see your face, but you may also join by phone if you do not have access to one.

Click here to sign up for one of the conversations. When signing up, if you have questions in mind, please type them into the Comment box. An Outlook Calendar Invite (with the instructions to join the session) will be emailed to those who signed up a day or two before the session. To better facilitate the conversations, each session is limited to ten (10) participants. Participation is on a first come, first served basis and if we run out of spaces, we will add additional sessions.
Join an Online Community
The national office team has been building webpages and online communities for each Community of Practice (CoP) to create an online space for you to collaborate. Quick Links have been added to help members navigate between the various webpages. The team will continue to evaluate CoP's progress during their start-up year to determine the best tech solutions and platforms.

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Weekly Highlights
This Week from the Members
Jeff Johnson is a resident in Mercy Hospital Springfield CPE Center in Springfield, MO. This was his unit project for writing his pastoral theology. He may be contacted at Jeff.Johnson2@Mercy.Net

In Sight
By Jeff Johnson

I'm so blind,
It took other people
To be brought here.
Taken by the hand.
To you brought near.
But you lead me
Outside the village
Away from those
Well-meaning people.

This Week's Reflection
Marge Piercy is such a poetic force. This piece cuts across multiple traditions, diving deep into the human experience. May we be blessed:
The courage to let go of the door, the handle.
The courage to shed the familiar walls whose very
stains and leaks are comfortable as the little moles
of the upper arm; stains that recall a feast,
a child's naughtiness, a loud blattering storm
that slapped the roof hard, pouring through.

The courage to abandon the graves dug into the hill,
the small bones of children and the brittle bones
of the old whose marrow hunger had stolen;
the courage to desert the tree planted and only
begun to bear; the riverside where promises were
shaped; the street where their empty pots were broken.

The courage to leave the place whose language you learned
as early as your own, whose customs however dan-
gerous or demeaning, bind you like a halter
you have learned to pull inside, to move your load;
the land fertile with the blood spilled on it;
the roads mapped and annotated for survival.

The courage to walk out of the pain that is known
into the pain that cannot be imagined,
mapless, walking into the wilderness, going
barefoot with a canteen into the desert;
stuffed in the stinking hold of a rotting ship
sailing off the map into dragons' mouths,

Cathay, India, Siberia, goldeneh medina2
leaving bodies by the way like abandoned treasure.
So they walked out of Egypt.3 So they bribed their way
out of Russia under loads of straw; so they steamed
out of the bloody smoking charnelhouse of Europe
on overloaded freighters forbidden all ports-

out of pain into death or freedom or a different
painful dignity, into squalor and politics.
We Jews are all born of wanderers, with shoes
under our pillows and a memory of blood that is ours
raining down. We honor only those Jews who changed
tonight, those who chose the desert over bondage,

who walked into the strange and became strangers
and gave birth to children who could look down
on them standing on their shoulders for having
been slaves. We honor those who let go of every-
thing but freedom, who ran, who revolted, who fought,
who became other by saving themselves.

* A popular preacher or an angel who conveys, in mysterious ways, teachings only to scholars worthy ofl such communications (Hebrew).
2. Golden land (Yiddish).
3. A reference to the biblical Exodus out of Egypt.
While we don't recommend this for an IPR, it is interesting: What Does Your Bucket List Say About You? 

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 Sunday, April 1
* Easter Sunday - Christianity (Western churches)
Celebrating God's raising of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, this day is the oldest and most central festival in the Christian year and initiates the fifty-day period culminating in Pentecost.

* Palm Sunday - Christianity (Eastern churches)
The remembrance of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, when crowds spread palm fronds on the ground as Jesus rode into the city. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.

* Birthdays of Guru Angad Dev and of Guru Tegh Bahadur - Sikhism
Guru Angad Dev (1504 - 1552 C.E.) was the second and Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621 - 1675 C.E.) was the ninth of the Sikh Gurus.

Thursday, April 5
* Eve of Great and Holy Friday - Christianity (Eastern churches)
At sundown Eastern churches commemorate Jesus' death by crucifixion, followed by an observance of the Great Sabbath, in which believers remember Christ's burial and await his resurrection on Holy Pascha, or Easter morning.

* Qingming - Chinese traditional
Often called Tomb Sweeping Day, it is a day to honor one's ancestors and visit their grave sites, as well as to welcome the coming of the spring season.

Friday, April 6
* Anniversary of the Church's Founding - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sunday, April 8
* Holy Pascha - Christianity (Eastern churches)
Celebrating God's raising of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, this day is the oldest and most central festival in the Christian year and initiates the fifty-day period culminating in Pentecost.
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  • We send our thoughts and prayers to Mary Burks, Certified Educator at Norton Healthcare, whose mother died recently. 
  • The father of Retired Certified Educator Ron Somers-Clark  died on March 27th in Amarillo, Texas. Ron described his father as "a good man, good father, and good husband to my mom who survives him."  We send our deepest condolences. 
Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
  • Career Opportunities
  • Manager of Pastoral Care, Penn Medicine Princeton Health, Plainsboro, NJ
  • Chaplain Resident, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
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