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April 30, 2018
2017 Year in Review Now Available
ACPE had plenty to celebrate in 2017...its 50th anniversary, breaking fundraising records, a fresh updated look, an engaged membership, innovative CPE projects and much more!

Take a look at ACPE's 2017 Year-in-Review!

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ACPE Annual Conference 
ACPE's annual conference kicks-off in ten days! This year's lineup promises to be inspiring, informative, and relevant to our daily work. And, of course, the joy of being together is paramount.

Still undecided? You can still register onsite! 

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities announcing the formation of its Doctor of Ministry in Interreligious Chaplaincy

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities announces the launch of an innovative Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Interreligious Chaplaincy for experienced chaplains serving as pastoral, spiritual and health professionals and leaders in hospitals, hospice, prisons, colleges and universities, businesses and elsewhere. 

Did You Know? 
Did you know that ACPE provides education at 291 accredited centers with 432 sites in 48 states? 

In 2017 ACPE added 1 new accredited center, 12 new satellites, 2 new component sites and 1 system center.

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In Case You Missed It
Center Directory Upgrades and New Center Admin Accounts
The ACPE database and online directory have received an upgrade! With new fields to choose from, enhanced search capabilities, and special administrative accounts to update center listings, the database is more user-friendly and helps to market ACPE centers and their programs.

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Certification Process Q & A: More Sessions Added
The initial round of Certification Q & A sessions have been wonderfully attended and almost all spots have been filled. New dates for the month of May have been added to the sign up, so if you were not yet able to join a session, please click here to reserve your spot.

Each session is limited to 10 participants which allows a space for greater dialogue.
Join an Online Community
All ACPE members are expected to participate in a Community of Practice (CoP). To join a CoP, sign-in to the ACPE website. Navigate to "My ACPE" and then click on "My Communities." Click on the name of the community to see the activity in the group. Click the "Follow Community" button to join and collaborate!

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grants awarded
The 2018 Innovative Program Award grant cycle is now open! Applicants are invited to submit proposals for innovative CPE projects that do not exceed $7,000. This year a total of $20,600 is available in funding.

The 2018 Innovative Program Award application and proposal outline may be accessed by clicking here. Please submit a complete application and proposal (5-page maximum) in PDF format via email to Jasmine T. Okafor by July 31, 2018.

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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Kevin Young is a remarkable and wonderfully accessible poet. On the faculty of Emory and the staff of The New Yorker, Kevin has several collections, the most recent of which is the newly published Brown. There is a familiarity in this poem for many of us who have worked in pediatric settings, though it speaks to all of those hotels near the hospitals our members serve:
 "Ode to the Hotel Near the Children's Hospital" by Kevin Young

Praise the restless beds
Praise the beds that do not adjust
that won't lift the head to feed
or lower for shots
or blood
or raise to watch the tinny TV
Praise the hotel TV that won't quit
its murmur & holler
Praise the room service
that doesn't exist
just the slow delivery to the front desk
of cooling pizzas
& brown bags leaky
greasy & clear
Praise the vending machines
Praise the change
Praise the hot water
& the heat
or the loud cool
that helps the helpless sleep.

Praise the front desk
who knows to wake
Rm 120 when the hospital rings
Praise the silent phone
Praise the dark drawn
by thick daytime curtains
after long nights of waiting,

Praise the waiting & then praise the nothing
that's better than bad news
Praise the wakeup call
at 6 am
Praise the sleeping in
Praise the card hung on the door
like a whisper
lips pressed silent
Praise the stranger's hands
that change the sweat of sheets
Praise the checking out

Praise the going home
to beds unmade
for days
Beds that won't resurrect
or rise
that lie there like a child should
sleeping, tubeless

Praise this mess
that can be left
The world of podcasts can be overwhelming. As students bring units to a close in coming weeks, we offer the following as a lighter and yet remarkably practical offering. Presented by two sisters - Gretchen Rubin, a psychologist and writer, and Elizabeth Crabb, a Hollywood writer - "Happier" is a delightful series offering ideas and suggestions for how life might be made a little happier. Here's a link: Happier Podcast.

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Monday, April 30
* Theravadin New Year - Buddhism
The New Year festival for Theravadin Buddhists, celebrated for three days beginning on the first full moon day in April.

* Ghambar Maidyozarem begins - Zoroastrianism (continues through Friday, May 4)
Celebrating the creation of sky and the harvesting of the winter crops.

Tuesday, May 1  
*Beltane [also called Beltain or May Day] - Wicca
Celebration of the sacred marriage of the divine forces-and the conception of the sun-child-that are the basis of all creation.

Wednesday, May 2
*Birthday of Guru Arjan Dev - Sikhism
Guru Arjan Dev (1563 - 1606 C.E.) was the fifth of the Sikh Gurus.

*Twelfth Day of Ridván - Bahá'í 
The conclusion of the Bahá'í festival that commemorates Bahá'u'lláh's exile in Baghdad leading up to his declaration as the one announced by the Báb in 1863 C.E.

Thursday, May 3
*Lag B'Omer -  Judaism
The 33rd day in the counting of the period between Pesach [Passover] and Shavuot [the giving of the Law]; the festival begins at sundown.

*National Day of Prayer - Multi-faith, USA

Friday, May 4
*Ghambar Maidyozarem ends  - Zoroastrianism
The end of the celebration of the creation of the sky and the harvesting of the winter crops.
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  • Career Opportunities
  • Director, Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy, Howard County General Hospital, Columbia, MD
  • Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings
  • Providence Health and Services Southern California, Torrance, CA
  • Covenant Healthcare, Saginaw, MI
  • Valley Baptist Medical Center, Brownsville, TX
  • East Jefferson General Hospital, Metairie, LA
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