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February 19, 2018
Trace Haythorn, Executive Director
Many of you have seen the image of a woman holding a younger woman, both weeping openly just outside of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Perhaps most striking in the image for those of us from the Christian tradition was the ashen cross so visible on her forehead. "From dust you were formed, to dust you shall return...." But not yet. Not this way.

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Curious about the New Certification Process?
The Certification Implementation Team is adding new content to the website regularly!
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Five-Year Review Update
If your center is scheduled for a Five-Year Review in 2018, you will be submitting all of your materials electronically via Board Effect. Please remember that your submission must be completed no later than March 31, 2018 by midnight in your time zone. 

Rosalynn Curry
I truly enjoyed visiting all of the many places in Israel. One stop in particular was our time spent at the River Jordan. The day was sunny and the weather was fair. After we all arrived at the river bank, our tour guide shared biblical history connecting the essence of the river to the Israeli people. While I had hoped to possibly get baptized there, it was apparent that the weather was not quite warm enough and the water was very COLD. It did not matter. 

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Improve Access to Chaplains for Non-English Speakers
Emilee Walker-Cornetta, BCC and Joel Nightingale Berning, BCC (and ACPE CEC) at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are beginning a project to increase nationwide access to chaplaincy for care recipients who do not speak English. The goal is to create a multilingual tool that would help care recipients make a more educated decision about whether they would like to speak further with a chaplain via interpreter.
They are seeking chaplain collaborators who are fluent (ideally native) speakers of languages other than English. If you or someone you know would join their team or at least briefly consult with them, please email Emilee ( or Joel (
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ACPE Photo Contest
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Mary Stewart Hall, Chair, Certification Commision
The Certification Implementation team is looking for a few good mentors and evaluators. Please consider sharing your gifts with ACPE by volunteering to be a Theory Paper Mentor or as a member of a Theory Integration Presentation team. If you enjoy all things theory and are interested in sharing your expertise or learning new theories and wish to work with a CEC as they develop their theories we hope you will consider this opportunity. Likewise, if you enjoy reading and evaluating theory and wish to be a part of an evaluation team, we welcome your expertise.  Please email Sheilah Hawk or Mary Stewart Hall
Barbara Bullock
Barbara Bullock, Chair, Professional 
Well-Being Committee
The Professional Well-Being Committee met adjacent to the REM Invitational last week. It was wonderful to be in Washington D.C. with so many of our creative and dedicated colleagues. The committee reviewed 53 registrations with 60% being geographical and 40% falling into categories such as research, curriculum development, theory, setting, and group affinity. This level of diversity in the communities of practice is very exciting and shows the creative energy of the national membership.

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Body, Mind, Spirit: Hospital Chaplains Contribute to Patient Satisfaction and Well-being
Last month, The Joint Commission published Part 1: Body, Mind, Spirit: Hospital Chaplains Contribute to Patient Satisfaction and Well-being.

Part 2 is now available! In part 2, they explore screening and assessment for patient spiritual needs as well as the role of chaplains during end-of-life care.
Check-out this series of hour-long webinars h osted by Transforming Chaplaincy  in Winter-Spring 2018.

The aim of this series is to help leaders and emerging leaders in professional chaplaincy and chaplaincy education develop and strengthen their ability to think strategically about advancing chaplaincy both at the level of the profession and at the level of their institution.
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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
This poem reminds us of those for whom events like Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday are filled with memories, sometimes so full it is hard to see the way forward:
"The Guardians" by Jill Bialosky

All day we packed boxes.
We read birth and death certificates.
The yellowed telegrams that announced
our births, the cards of congratulations
and condolences, the deeds and debts,
love letters, valentines with a heart
ripped out, the obituaries.
We opened the divorce decree,
a terrible document of division and subtraction.
We leafed through scrapbooks:
corsages, matchbooks, programs to the ballet,
racetrack, theatre-joy and frivolity
parceled in one volume-
painstakingly arranged, preserved
and pasted with crusted glue.
We sat in the room in which the beloved
had departed. We remembered her yellow hair
and her mind free of paradox.
We sat together side by side
on the empty floor and did not speak.
There were no words
between us other than the essence
of the words from the correspondences,
our inheritance-plain speak,
bereft of poetry.

The English language is full of words that appear to be rude but aren't; however, some of them still have a certain onomatopoeia to them. For example, check out this entry (one especially appropriate after Mardi Gras): A.Word.A.Day  

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