February 8, 2021
On a cold, grey day last week, I dragged my family out on walk around our neighborhood. I was focused on getting us exercise and then getting home as soon as possible, but my five-year old daughter was taking her sweet time. 
We invite all ACPE Certified Educators who are working with Educator Candidates to join us for informal consultations and conversations via Zoom in 2021. 
The drop-in meeting (no RSVP required) will take place on Mondays, beginning from 12:00pm to 1:00pm Eastern time.  
The Eastern Central Community of Practice presents "A Culture Under Stress: Standing at the Intersection of Spiritual Care and Psychology" with Dr. Wade C. Rowatt Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University on Friday, March 5, 2021 from 9:00am–3:00 pm ET.
ACPE rolled out a new Salesforce database, website, and SharePoint sites in 2020. Join John Roch, Director of Communications & Technology, and Carl Jones-Reid, Technology Specialist for a Tech Talk ACPE this week on
  • February 9 at 1:30pm ET
  • February 10 at 10:30am ET
  • February 11 at 12:00pm ET
The Glaz-Plummer Plenary Address for the Annual Conference 2021 is proudly presented May 10, 2021 by Emilie M. Townes Dean and distinguished professor of Womanist Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University Divinity School.
The Anti-Bias/Conference Planning Task Force is seeking ACPE Certified Educators and Psychotherapists to serve as catalysts/facilitators for breakout sessions during the Annual Conference in May and then to continue the work in the months and years to come. Catalysts will be required to attend training sessions in the month of April to participate. The Task Force hopes this group of Educators and Psychotherapists will represent the diversity of ACPE and be ready and willing to engage in challenging conversations related to racism and bias.
To submit your name for consideration, please email Marc Medwed, Associate Executive Director, with a brief statement addressing your interest.
In Case You Missed It
Based on feedback from educators, students, and staff, we developed an updated how-to guide for students enrolling in a CPE unit. The guide is also posted on the website for future reference.
The ACPE SIP Program offers trainings to help mental health practitioners work more competently with spirituality in the context of psychotherapy. The 30-hour NBCC-approved continuing education curriculum is a specialty training for persons who have previous training in psychotherapy.
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Have you ever longed to cling to a moment of beauty, a feeling of joy, a sense of hope? This poem from W.S. Merwin offers a reflection on how fleeting such moments can be, and invites us to welcome such moments but not possess them:
One of the Butterflies
by W. S. Merwin
The trouble with pleasure is the timing
it can overtake me without warning
and be gone before I know it is here
it can stand facing me unrecognized
while I am remembering somewhere else
in another age or someone not seen
for years and never to be seen again
in this world and it seems that I cherish
only now a joy I was not aware of
when it was here although it remains
out of reach and will not be caught or named
or called back and if I could make it stay
as I want to it would turn to pain.
"One of the Butterflies" from The Shadow of Sirius by W. S. Merwin © 2009 by W. S. Merwin
It seems that one of the greatest casualties of our current time is trust. We don’t know who to trust, what sources to trust, or when to trust. Studies show that one of the remedies to this comes from leaders willingness to admit mistakes. Wikipedia, an oft maligned source, has struggled with mistakes on their pages since they launched. They have a guide for how to address mistakes that is worth reviewing and perhaps adopting:  

This Week on the Calendar
February 11
Our Lady of Lourdes (Christianity)
This marks the day in 1858 when St. Bernadette had her first vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the city of Lourdes in southern France. She had 18 apparitions in all, one of which told her to dig for a spring. The water of this spring is said to have great healing powers, and Christians make pilgrimages to visit this spring and the church that was built on the property.

February 12
Lunar New Year (Confucian, Daoist and Buddhism)
Also known as the Spring Festival, an important festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The most important holiday for the Chinese, the New Year is a time to reflect on the past and celebrate the future. This is a 15-day celebration with each day having special significance.

Birthday of Maitreya Bodhisattva (Buddhism)
Marking the birth of Maitreya, who will come at the end of time to renew the pristine Buddhist teachings.

Losar: Tibetan New Year (Buddhism)
Celebrating the beginning of the year 2145 in the Tibetan calendar.

February 14
St. Valentine's Day (Christianity)
Pope Gelasius assigned February 14 as Saint Valentine's Day in 496 CE. This day commemorates the death of Saint Valentine of Rome, who, according to tradition, was martyred on February 14 ca. 270 C.E. Saint Valentine's Day was not associated with romantic love until the High Middle Ages, when legends and stories about Valentine were written and popularized by Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle.

February 15
Nirvana Day (Buddhism)
Celebrates the day when the historical Buddha achieved complete Nirvana, upon the death of his physical body. This day marks the Buddha’s death and when he reached Nirvana at the age of 80. Nirvana is the end to all wanting, and thus the end to all suffering that craving brings about. Buddhists who observe Nirvana day often do so by examining their lives, in order to make changes needed to help them achieve perfect peace.
This Week in our Thoughts
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Beavercreek, OH
Trinity Community seeks a Director of Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education.
Austin, TX
Ascension Seton has open positions in our residency program starting September 6, 2021 and ending on August 19, 2022.
Educational Opportunities
ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education
ACPE is the standard for spiritual care and education. Our diverse membership includes Certified CPE Educators, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists, Spiritual Care Professionals and Practitioners, Pastoral Counselors, Chaplains, Faith Communities, and Seminaries. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-faith, multi-racial community of professionals provides education, connection, and formation through continuing education, networking, and leadership development.
ACPE is the premier, Department of Education recognized, organization that provides the highest quality CPE programs for spiritual care professionals of any faith and in any setting. We do this through a rigorous accreditation and certification process for centers and educators that provide CPE.
The depth of our training enables students to realize their full potential to strengthen the spiritual health of people in their care as well as themselves.
ACPE members are actively engaged in a wide variety of professional development activities including communities of practice, conferences, spiritual care research, and informal networking. We are more than just an association: we are a movement committed to the transformation of the human suffering.Our opportunities for formation and community enrich our member's work of healing and transforming people and communities in the US and across the globe.