January 4, 2021
As part of that “safe and healthy,” I was feeling a bit envious of my colleagues who had great smiles and glowing expressions on their social media pages after they received their COVID-19 vaccine.
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2021 Informal Consultation Schedule
We invite all ACPE Certified Educators who are working with Educator Candidates to join us for informal consultations and conversations via Zoom in 2021. We will not meet between 12/14/20 - 1/4/2021, we will resume on 1/11/2021.
A good theory is key to achieving the goals of ACPE and the outcomes of CPE. Register for six 90-minute introductory SCT® training sessions on Zoom for members in ACPE with Angelika Zollfrank and Kitty Garlid.
Sean J. LaBat argues that Boisen, who suffered from intermittent severe mental illness, was a creative visionary, a mystic who re-imagined pastoral care and envisioned possibilities for the institutionalized. To get 30% discount, use code LEX30AUTH21 when ordering.
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This is a time like no other. The interlocking pandemics of bias, injustice and COVID-19 are devastating people and communities. How can we create an opportunity for change and growth on the level of these challenges?
Thank you to the participants of the 2020 salary survey. The survey results are posted on ACPE’s SharePoint site. You can access ACPE’s SharePoint site by visiting www.office.com, and signing in with your “ACPE.EDU” email address. 
The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Vol. 74, No. 4, is now available online. ACPE is a proud sponsor of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling (JPC&C). To access the journal, you will need to sign into the ACPE website.
Based on feedback from educators, students, and staff, we developed an updated how-to guide for students enrolling in a CPE unit. The guide is also posted on the website for future reference.
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Are you still in the 'old process' for certification? Seeking to compile a list of both CECs in the old process and their training CEs to connect and support one another through certification as an Associate CE. Join the new Community of Practice dedicated to this group, contact Rev. Terry Culbertson, ACPE CE.
The ACPE SIP Program offers trainings to help mental health practitioners work more competently with spirituality in the context of psychotherapy. The 30-hour NBCC-approved continuing education curriculum is a specialty training for persons who have previous training in psychotherapy.
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This Week's Reflection
Welcome to 2021! It couldn’t get here fast enough. And to welcome this year, we offer an excerpt of a poem by Muriel Rukeyser, an invitation to “nourish beginnings.” May we be nourished by her words as well!
Elegy in Joy [excerpt]
We tell beginnings: for the flesh and the answer,
or the look, the lake in the eye that knows,
for the despair that flows down in widest rivers,
cloud of home; and also the green tree of grace,
all in the leaf, in the love that gives us ourselves.
The word of nourishment passes through the women,
soldiers and orchards rooted in constellations,
white towers, eyes of children: 
saying in time of war What shall we feed?
I cannot say the end.
Nourish beginnings, let us nourish beginnings.
Not all things are blest, but the
seeds of all things are blest.
The blessing is in the seed.
This moment, this seed, this wave of the sea, this look, this instant of love.
Years over wars and an imagining of peace. Or the expiation journey
toward peace which is many wishes flaming together,
fierce pure life, the many-living home.
Love that gives us ourselves, in the world known to all
new techniques for the healing of the wound,
and the unknown world. One life, or the faring stars.

From Birds, Beasts, and Seas, edited by Jeffrey Yang, published by New Directions. Copyright © 2011.
Ever wonder how other cultures celebrate New Years? If there was ever a year where we knew how globally connected we are, it was 2020. So here’s a glimpse of some traditions from around the world. Please note: we have no idea how accurate this is, but it looked pretty cool: 

This Week on the Calendar
January 5
Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Birthday (Sikhism)
Gobind Singh (1666-1708) was the tenth Sikh Guru, and the last of the human-form Gurus. On his birthday, Sikhs celebrate Gobind Singh as a saint and a soldier: he worked toward reforming his religion and persevered in the face of persecution.

Twelfth Night (Christianity)
The Twelfth Night marks the conclusion of the twelve days of Christmas and the eve of Epiphany. According to tradition, three kings arrived in Bethlehem twelve days after Jesus' birth to bestow gifts. This night is celebrated much like Christmas Eve, with merrymaking, eating traditional foods like King Cake, and parties.

January 6
Christmas (Armenian Orthodox Christianity)
Armenian Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on Epiphany, except for Armenians living in Israel, who celebrate Christmas on January 19th. This day marks the Armenian Orthodox celebration of Christ's birth and baptism.

Epiphany (Christianity)
Known as Theophany in Eastern Christianity, it celebrates the manifestation of Jesus as
Christ. In addition, the Western Church associates Epiphany with the journey of the Magi to the infant Jesus, and the Eastern Church with the baptism of Jesus by John.

Dia de los Reyes / Three Kings Day (Latin American Christianity)
In Latin American countries, this day is referred to as Día de los Reyes, Three Kings Day, and children receive gifts from los reyes magos: the three wise men. Children and adults leave their shoes out for the Kings' presents before they go to bed the night before and leave treats to refresh the traveling Magi.

January 7
Christmas (Orthodox Christianity)
Most Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas 13 days later than Western Christian churches based on their use of the Julian rather than the Gregorian version of the Western calendar. The Feast of the Nativity is the Orthodox Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is also the break of a 40-day fast, in which participants purify both body and soul in preparation for Christ's birth.

10th Tevet (Judaism)
The 10th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet is a Jewish fast day that reflects upon Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia's siege of Jerusalem 2,500 years ago. This event ultimately led to the destruction of the First Temple, Solomon's Temple, and Babylonia's conquest of Israel's Kingdom of Judah.

January 10–12
Mahayana New Year (Buddhist)
In Mahayana countries the New Year starts on the first full moon day in January and lasts for three days. It is a time to reflect on the past and cleanse oneself from the prior year's sins to make a fresh start.
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La Crosse, WI
This position is full time, working with our Hospice patients and families.

Clearwater, FL
The Morton Plant Hospital Association Inc. has opportunities available for residents.

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ACPE is the standard for spiritual care and education. Our diverse membership includes Certified CPE Educators, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists, Spiritual Care Professionals and Practitioners, Pastoral Counselors, Chaplains, Faith Communities, and Seminaries. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-faith, multi-racial community of professionals provides education, connection, and formation through continuing education, networking, and leadership development.
ACPE is the premier, Department of Education recognized, organization that provides the highest quality CPE programs for spiritual care professionals of any faith and in any setting. We do this through a rigorous accreditation and certification process for centers and educators that provide CPE.
The depth of our training enables students to realize their full potential to strengthen the spiritual health of people in their care as well as themselves.
ACPE members are actively engaged in a wide variety of professional development activities including communities of practice, conferences, spiritual care research, and informal networking. We are more than just an association: we are a movement committed to the transformation of the human suffering.Our opportunities for formation and community enrich our member's work of healing and transforming people and communities in the US and across the globe.