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July 30, 2018
This Year in ACPE History
In 1968 the world witnessed many shocking events, such as: the Prague Spring; the Tet Offensive; the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy; and the Olympic Protests. As the nation and world struggled with one of the most tumultuous single years in history, ACPE was still in its infancy.

Fifty years ago, ACPE announced the hiring of its first executive director and prepared for its first annual conference.
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Newsletter | Vol 1-Number 8 | August, 1968
Since this is the final issue of the newsletter I will be sending to you, I want to take this opportunity to express some thoughts about the development of the association. All of us anticipated that we would have a full-time director in January of this year. When this did not materialize, it was the hope of the Executive Committee that a person would be selected for the position early in the year, certainly prior to the summer. We discover that, in order to get the man we wanted, we would have to wait until September before he would be able to assume full-time responsibility. 

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grants awarded
Applicants are invited to submit proposals for innovative CPE projects that do not exceed $7,000. This year a total of $20,600 is available in funding.

The 2018 Innovative Program Award application and proposal outline may be accessed by clicking here. Please submit a complete application and proposal (5-page maximum) in PDF format via email to Jasmine T. Okafor by July 31, 2018.

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Medicare Pass-through Funds for Residency Programs
Marc Medwed
This article was first published in last week's newsletter. It is being republished to help clarify that the two most important considerations for Medicare Pass-through Funds are:  accreditation by an accrediting organization; and  1,600 hours (4 units) designed to enable persons to achieve board certification .

Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past

Thank you everyone who responded to the photo in last week's newsletter. Your answers helped us identify (from left to right) Ted Hodge, Peter Holland, and Guy Sawyer after a Boisen Fun Run (we believe sometime in the mid-1980s).
Above is another unlabeled picture from the ACPE archives. Do you recognize these folks or the event? Send us a note at
In Case You Missed It
ACPE In-House Week: August 6-10
During the week of August 6-10, the ACPE staff will be conducting an intensive week of training, data clean-up, and planning for the coming year. Staff will return calls and emails in the middle and end of each day.

Thank you for your patience during this important work week during which we hope to improve service for you.
New Certification Process Manual Now Online
The New Certification Process Manual is now online! Please note that the NEW manual is only for those who are in the New Certification Process. If you are in the Old Certification Process, please be sure to follow the 2016 Certification Manual. If you are not sure which process you are following, please reach out to Sheilah Hawk today.

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CoP 2019 Funding Requests - due August 15th 
The application period for Community of Practice funding is now open for 2019. All registered communities are invited to submit a request for funding along with an estimated budget for next year. This period will remain open until August 15, 2018. 

Still need to create and register your CoP? Complete a registration form and submit a request for funding before the deadline. 

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2019 Annual Conference Call For Workshop Applications - due August 17th
You are invited to submit a workshop proposal for the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference.

The 2019 ACPE conference theme, "Exploring the Soul of Spiritual Care Education" invites presentations that engage the core values, traditions, and ethos of spiritual care education while addressing the needs of ever-changing contexts for care. Innovative, tried and true, and research based presentations as well as those sponsored by ACPE Communities of Practice will receive priority consideration.
Award Criteria and Nominations Now Available - Nominations due September 4th 
Effective January 1, 2018 the ACPE Foundation Service Awards Committee will receive award nominations, review award nominations, and make a recommendation to the ACPE Foundation Board for awardee selection. This slate of awardees will be shared with the ACPE Board of Directors.

The first task of the new Service Awards Committee was to review the current awards and recognition, procedures, and policies. Below are the revamped criteria and processes including a new award - the ACPE Inspiration Award!

Apply for Volunteer Leadership Positions
Stephen Robinson
Volunteering to serve in a leadership capacity is a great way for member to contribute to the mission, work, and future of ACPE. It also provides members with leadership development and networking opportunities. There are leadership opportunities for all members of ACPE. The Leadership Development Committee is committed to assessing the skills and talents of each member interested in serving, as well as preparing everyone for the work.

Can You Hear Me NOW: Supervising Students in an Age of #BlackLivesMatter - Session 2 on August 1
Racial tensions in the United States continue to rise! Surprising cell phone videos showcasing police brutality against minorities, specifically African Americans, surface at an alarming frequency. Many local governments have voted to remove Confederate flags and statues from historic parks and landmarks fueling White Nationalist rallies and demonstrations. Current political leaders often incite bigotry and hate through social media.

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Spiritual Care Week 2018
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Every once in a while, a poem asks a question that sounds much like the kinds of questions we hear from ACPE certified educators. Surely there is more to reality than the self; if not, why bother? Why love? Why hate? Why learn? Or perhaps you have a different take? Either way, the final question of the poem might invite some interesting conversation.
"The Solipsist" by Troy Jollimore

Don't be misled:
that sea-song you hear
when the shell's at your ear?
It's all in your head.

That primordial tide-
the slurp and salt-slosh
of the brain's briny wash-
is on the inside.

Truth be told, the whole place,
everything that the eye
can take in, to the sky
and beyond into space,

lives inside of your skull.
When you set your sad head
down on Procrustes' bed,
you lay down the whole

universe. You recline
on the pillow: the cosmos
grows dim. The soft ghost
in the squishy machine,

which the world is, retires.
Someday it will expire.
Then all will go silent
and dark. For the moment,

however, the black-
ness is just temporary.
The planet you carry
will shortly swing back

from the far nether regions.
And life will continue-
but only within you.
Which raises a question

that comes up again and again,
as to why
God would make ear and eye
to face outward, not in?
Good news can be hard to fid these days. There's a nice column running occasionally in the New York Times called "Self-Helped," in which Concepción de León writes about the wisdom and guidance that can be found in books. She recently looked at two books by Mindy Kaling. For your review: 

Tuesday, August 1
* Kamál - Bahá'í
The beginning of the eighth month of the Bahá'í year, meaning "perfection."

* Lughnassadh [Lammas] - Wicca
The harvest of first fruits, celebrating the harvest of corn and wheat. Wiccan practitioners see this time as a signal of the god Lugh's decline of strength as the sun rises farther south each day, while the Goddess witnesses this season with sorrow and joy. It is both a somber and celebratory feast day.

Sunday, August 5
* Feast of the Transfiguration - Christianity (Eastern and many Western churches)
Celebrates the manifestation of Jesus' divinity as God's Son to his disciples Peter, James, and John on Mount Tabor.
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  • Congratulations to Elizabeth Pomerleau and her family in the arrival of their daughter, Lucia Diane Pomerleau, who was born healthy on June 10th. Elizabeth is a CEC at Goodwin House in Northern Virginia.
  • Elizabeth Irene Cobb, daughter of ACPE Certified Educator Jennifer Hanksmeyer (VA in St. Louis, MO), died July 23rd from mental health and addiction issues. A memorial service for Elizabeth was held at Mercer Funeral Home in Holton, KS. Memorial contributions may be given to Valeo Mental Health Center in Topeka, KS c/o Mercer Funeral Home, PO Box 270, Holton, Kansas 66436.
  • A message from former ACPE President Robin Brown-Haithco, "On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the many expressions of sympathy we received in the loss of my Dad. I am grateful for those of you who sent emails offering prayers and words of encouragement. I especially want to thank Jo Clare Wilson for taking the time out of her busy schedule to travel down from Lynchburg, VA to attend my father's funeral. It made my heart glad to look out and see her face. Special thanks also to the ACPE office for the lovely flowers we received. They were placed on the pulpit and reminded me of the community that has supported and held me for the past thirty years. Miriam and I are very grateful to be a part of this ACPE family."
Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
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