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June 11, 2018
View from the Road: Surprised?
Steve Ivy
Steve Ivy,
Director of Community, Practice, and Member Development
I am frequently asked, "What has been your biggest surprise as you have visited educators and their colleagues in centers over the past 8 months?" My reply is easy. I have been surprised by how ready my colleagues are to positively engage the changes in governance and certification that ACPE has chosen. Even educators with qualms about some of our choices are prepared to move forward with them. Few doubt that substantially new directions were needed.

However, I have heard one key area of anxiety or resistance. "I am going to miss the colleagueship and fellowship provided through regional meetings and activities." 

Did You Know?
Did you know that Transforming Chaplaincy produces a podcast featuring interviews with chaplains, researchers, and educators from around the world? 

Check out the newest episode, featuring newly-minted biostatistician Rev. John Betz, at Transforming Chaplaincy on iTunes, SoundCloud, or any other podcasting platform.

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Books for Kenya
We have received an appeal from Presbyterian University of East Africa for the donation of books about Pastoral Care and Pastoral Education. The Rafiki Foundation has agreed to collect these books and add them to each succeeding container of materials being shipped to Kenya. Many of us have wonderful books gathering dust on our shelves that could be a great help to ministry students in Kenya. ACPE has supported CPE development in Kenya and this is an additional opportunity.

Box your books up and ship to The Rafiki Foundation Attn: David Pederson (for Presbyterian University of East Africa) 23315 County Road 44A Eustis, FL 32736
Mentoring: Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives
ACPE Seminary Members Dean K. Thompson and D. Cameron Murchison released a book entitled Mentoring: Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives.  Opening multiple angles of vision on the practice of mentoring, Dean K. Thompson and D. Cameron Murchison have assembled an eminent group of scholars to reflect on these and other pressing questions. With contributions from twenty-one remarkable writers, this broad-ranging volume explores mentoring in biblical and theological perspective, within the context of diverse national and international communities, and across generations.

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In Case You Missed It
New Peer Review Implementation Process
Chat Graphic
We are pleased to share the New Peer Review Process. If you are required to participate in a peer review this year, please continue reading this document, and note the information below. If you have already completed your peer review for this year or are not due for one this year, you may skip this page. If you are due for a peer review in 2018, please note the following:

Transforming Chaplaincy Webinar Rescheduled: Re-registration Required
Registration is now open for the re-scheduled Transforming Chaplaincy webinar: Challenges in Healthcare Delivery and Implications for Spiritual Care

The aim of this webinar series is to help leaders and emerging leaders in professional chaplaincy and chaplaincy education develop and strengthen their ability to think strategically about advancing chaplaincy both at the level of the profession and at the level of their institution.

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities
Stephen Robinson, Chair
Leadership Development Committee
Volunteering to serve in a leadership capacity is a great way for member to contribute to the mission, work, and future of ACPE. It also provides members with leadership development and networking opportunities. There are leadership opportunities for all members of ACPE. The Leadership Development Committee is committed to assessing the skills and talents of each member interested in serving, as well as preparing everyone for the work.

Annual Conference Wrap-Up
What a conference! Thank you to everyone that joined us in Atlanta, GA.  Keep checking ACPE's website and YouTube for pictures, videos, and presentations from the 2018 ACPE Annual Conference. 

Professional headshots are now available! If you haven't received your copy yet, please email

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grants awarded
The 2018 Innovative Program Award grant cycle is now open! Applicants are invited to submit proposals for innovative CPE projects that do not exceed $7,000. This year a total of $20,600 is available in funding.

The 2018 Innovative Program Award application and proposal outline may be accessed by clicking here. Please submit a complete application and proposal (5-page maximum) in PDF format via email to Jasmine T. Okafor by July 31, 2018.

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Weekly Highlights
As summer units begin across the country, there are echoes of those first days of school in these moments. Recall those first days of kindergarten, whether from your perspective as a new student (a table many wear for the first time in such a moment), as a teacher, or as a parent. Cynthia Arrieu-King captures a lovely moment in this poem with a reminder many CPE students can use: "more human than human." Here's the poem:
"Everybody Believes They Are the Good Guy" by Cynthia Arrieu-King

I was hanging with grandparents in a kindergarten

and the teacher drew an accordion wall across

to keep the children in antigravity class together

the grandparents separately graded balloon worksheets

sunlight floated in, the grandparents thoughtful about addition, mulling vacation

Come here I said to the little one too little to be in class, soft as peaches

I want to tell you something and you repeat it back to me next time

She toddled over, put her arms up to hug me, we hugged

She had stars inside her soul, was visibly celestial beneath her coat

More human than human, got it? I cuddled her

Okay, she said, I'm more human than a human
Beginning the journey of clinical pastoral education is more than simply learning skills of effective spiritual care. The journey inward to a deeper sense of one's meaning and purpose in life is a necessary part of the practice effective spiritual care. This article brings to the fore some important considerations, especially the ways fear can keep us from living into the fullness of who we are and can be: 

Thursday, June 14
* Eid al-Fitr - Islam
This is the Breaking of the Fast that celebrates the end of the month of Ramadān. Usually lasting three days, this festival begins with communal prayer and may also include charitable acts, visiting family and friends, preparing special foods, dressing in new clothes, and giving gifts.

Saturday, June 16
* Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Sikhism [Nanakshahi tradition]
The first Sikh martyr and the fifth guru, Arjan (1563 - 1606 C.E.) built the Harimandir (Temple of God) in the town of Amritsar with door facing all four directions, in order to emphasize that the Sikh way was open to all regardless of their socio-economic status. He also compiled the Sikh scriptures known as the Guru Granth Sahib.
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