March 15, 2021
If you love jazz, you probably know the name of pianist Keith Jarrett. You probably don’t know the name Vera Bandes. In 1974, Vera was working part-time as a promoter in her home, Köln (Cologne), Germany. She booked Keith Jarrett for a concert on January 24, 1975 – quite a coup for someone so young. But the booking was just about the only thing going Vera’s way.
Annual dues billing notices were emailed on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, from ACPE with the subject “Billing Notice” which includes links to pay your 2021 membership dues. For your convenience, we added an “Express Payment” hyperlink.

If you cannot find the email, you can also pay your membership dues and print an invoice by logging in to the ACPE website ( Click “Login” at the top of the page.
In preparation for the 2021 ACPE Annual Conference: Creating Room to Breathe, ACPE has identified key themes from the Anti-Bias survey of ACPE members. In the following weeks, ACPE will be publishing the key themes that emerged from the Anti-Bias survey results and questions for reflection.

Key Theme #3 Biases are evident in our education processes …
ACPE rolled out a new Salesforce database, website, and SharePoint sites in 2020. Join John Roch, Director of Communications & Technology, and Carl Jones-Reid, Technology Specialist for a Tech Talk ACPE.
Greetings from the Accreditation Commission! I hope that all is well with you, your programs, and your students. I am excited to share information with you about portfolio reviews and our deep dive this year.  The portfolio review process will begin in July 2021 and will conclude by the end of October.
We invite all ACPE Certified Educators who are working with Educator Candidates to join us for informal consultations and conversations via Zoom in 2021. 
The drop-in meeting (no RSVP required) will take place on Mondays, beginning from 12:00pm to 1:00pm Eastern time.  
In Case You Missed It
Once a month the ACPE Professional Ethics Commission (PEC) posts a couple of statements from our Code of Professional Ethics for ACPE Members.
Celebrate JCPC's anniversary with a testimonial. JCPC readers are invited to provide a testimonial about the ways that Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling has helped them. 
The ACPE SIP Program offers trainings to help mental health practitioners work more competently with spirituality in the context of psychotherapy. The 30-hour NBCC-approved continuing education curriculum is a specialty training for persons who have previous training in psychotherapy.
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Some parts of the country have begun to get glimpses of spring while others continue to dig out from the latest snowstorm. Regardless of where you call home, if you look to the sky you will likely see the annual migration of birds. This poem captures the beauty, wonder, and quotidian images of wild geese as they make their way:
Wild Geese Alighting on a Lake
by Anne Porter
I watched them
As they neared the lake
They wheeled
In a wide arc
With beating wings
And then
They put their wings to sleep
And glided downward in a drift
Of pure abandonment
Until they touched
The surface of the lake
Composed their wings
And settled
On the rippling water
As though it were a nest.

Anne Porter, "Wild Geese Alighting on a Lake" from Living Things, Zoland Books.
We hope you enjoy this great story about three women who have crafted a new podcast that features their different faith traditions, their roles within them, and their friendship across the divides: 

This Week on the Calendar
March 15
Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti (Hinduism)
A celebration of the birth of the teacher of Swami Vivekananda, who introduced Hinduism to the United States at the first Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1893.

Beginning of Lent/Clean Monday (Orthodox Christianity)
Beginning of Great Lent. Lent is a period of Christian preparation for Holy Week and Easter. Usually 40 days in length, it is marked by vegetarian fasting, intensified prayer and almsgiving.

March 16 - 20
Ghambar Hamaspathmaeden (Zoroastrianism)
This is the last of the six Ghambar festivals in the Zoroastrian calendar. Ghambars are joyous occasions when communities gather to share a feast. Food is contributed anonymously, and participants give according to their means and ability to contribute. This particular five-day Ghambar celebrates the creation of humans and is a time to remember souls who have passed away.

March 17
St. Patrick’s Day (Christianity)
St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, was credited for spreading Christianity in Ireland and abolishing pagan practices in the fourth century. The symbol of the shamrock is often associated with St. Patrick’s Day, as St. Patrick used the three leaves to explain the mystery of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

Higan (Buddhism) 
Higan, or Ohigan, is celebrated twice a year, during the spring and fall equinoxes. This is an important date for Jodo Shinshu Buddhists in particular. On this date, the day and night are the same length, symbolizing equality and harmony. Buddha appears on earth during this week to save stray souls, thus many Buddhists visit cemeteries and pay respects to their ancestors.

March 19
Saint Joseph's Day (Christianity)
This feast day celebrates Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. One Italian tradition recalls a draught, where the peasants prayed to St. Joseph for rain. When the rains came, crops were planted and then a large harvest feast was given in St. Joseph's honor. Some cultures celebrate this day by creating St. Joseph Tables: a table full of elaborate foods, though all free of meat, as this day typically falls during the fasting period of Lent.

March 20
Ostara (Neo-Paganism)
Ostara celebrates the coming of spring, the time when the days are getting longer. It is a time to celebrate the abundance of nature and the abundance of life, and to plant crops.

Spring Feast (American Indian)
A day to honor planting and the coming and going of seasons, includes prayer song and storytelling

Spring O-Higan (Buddhism)
Symbolic of crossing from shore of illusion to the other shore of enlightenment to overcome one’s ignorance and honoring the 6 Paramitas of generosity, morality, patience, endeavor, meditation and wisdom

Shunbun no Hi (Shinto)
A day for visiting graves held in timing with the Spring Equinox

Feast of Naw-Ruz (Baha’i)
Naw Ruz is the celebration of the New Year as adopted by Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i faith. The equinox is believed to be a symbol of the manifestations of God, and springtime to be the carrier of new life and new beginnings.

Nowruz (Zoroastrian)
Nowruz is the Zoroastrian New Year. The arrival of spring on the day of the vernal equinox, heralds a rebirth and renewal, a symbolic victory of light over darkness. Nowruz is the most important festival in the Zoroastrian tradition, a time for thanksgiving and celebration, for family and friends to come together, to thank Ahura Mazda for His bounty, to reflect on their lives, and make new beginnings.

March 21
Orthodox Sunday (Orthodox Christianity)
Celebrated on the first Sunday of Lent, Orthodox Sunday recognizes the victory and restoration of icons for use in church services and private devotional life.
This Week in our Thoughts
  • ACPE Practitioner Lisa Nyabinghi started cancer treatments that will last for 8 weeks. She would appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
St. Louis, MO
The VA St Louis Health Care System is currently recruiting an ACPE Educator to manage the educational program.
Dallas, TX
Parkland Health and Hospital System is pleased to offer residencies and summer intern positions!
Educational Opportunities
ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education
ACPE is the standard for spiritual care and education. Our diverse membership includes Certified CPE Educators, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists, Spiritual Care Professionals and Practitioners, Pastoral Counselors, Chaplains, Faith Communities, and Seminaries. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-faith, multi-racial community of professionals provides education, connection, and formation through continuing education, networking, and leadership development.
ACPE is the premier, Department of Education recognized, organization that provides the highest quality CPE programs for spiritual care professionals of any faith and in any setting. We do this through a rigorous accreditation and certification process for centers and educators that provide CPE.
The depth of our training enables students to realize their full potential to strengthen the spiritual health of people in their care as well as themselves.
ACPE members are actively engaged in a wide variety of professional development activities including communities of practice, conferences, spiritual care research, and informal networking. We are more than just an association: we are a movement committed to the transformation of the human suffering.Our opportunities for formation and community enrich our member's work of healing and transforming people and communities in the US and across the globe.